Driving His Matched Team

I wonder if the matched team of ladies in harness being driven with a cartage whip are wearing donkey ears for extra humiliation? It’s hard to know. This whipping art en silhouette teases with what it does not show us:

women being driving with a whip like cart horses or pony girls

From Mon Paris n°4, from February 1936.

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  1. Fr. commented on December 1st, 2021:

    Until you revealed the year, I was like, oh, Playboy bunnies….

  2. SpankBoss commented on December 2nd, 2021:

    I know, right? The ears seem long in either case. But bunnies aren’t out of the question; bunny girls predate Playboy, at least in burlesque.

  3. Fr. commented on December 3rd, 2021:

    That is so cool! I never knew that. Thanks for the link!

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