Mouth Soaping Cassie

Here’s an excerpt from a quick little story about a mouth-soaping punishment, with a “witness” in earshot:

“Come in, Stacy,” I said, opening the screen door for her. “Cassie’s here, yes, but she won’t be available for a little while. You see, she’s about to be punished.”

Stacy got a very interested look on her face. “Punished?”

“Yes, I’m going to wash her mouth out with soap. Come on into the living room and wait for her. She’ll be ready in a while. Would you like a soda?”

“No thanks, I’m okay.”

Stacy was seated where she could not see Cassie, but could hear everything that went on. “I want you to take off your panties before we start,” I told Cassie, and watched while she pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Since she was wearing a rather short skirt, that task was easily accomplished. I wadded up her panties and put them in one of my pockets.

“I should give you a bare bottom spanking in addition to your mouth soaping,” I told her in a voice that was calculated so that Stacy could hear. Cassie was seated on the chair right by the sink, with her legs pressed tightly together and her hands in between her knees.

I placed the bar of soap into the bowl of water and worked up a good lather. “Open your mouth now, Cassie,” I said as I brought a handful of foamy and sudsy lather toward her…

The story is Coming Clean With Cassie by Rick O.

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