Self Flagellation

Georges Pichard is known (among other things) for his harsh BDSM graphic novels with (I think it’s fair to say) anti-religious themes — his iconography of nuns, in particular, is replete with sexualized whippings and punishments that make the tales of the Inquisition look almost mild by comparison. But in this panel from his graphic novel La Religieuse, our novitiate is, at least, doing unto herself:

harsh self-flagellation

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  1. jessicablank commented on March 27th, 2011:

    Pichard has always been one of my all time favorites for images of bondage and punishment. Spanking and flagellation are only two of the many punishments he’s visited over and over again. i especially like his clever immobilizations, based heavily on medieval instruments of discipline and torture.
    — jessicablank

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