German Spanking Postcard

Here’s a vintage German postcard showing a fairly vigorous bondage whipping. Look at the crotch of the doofus in the background, he’s enjoying the show.

woman tied to a bench and whipped

Alas, Google translation tools don’t make anything intelligible of the caption. Any cunning linguists out there who can help out?

10/24/03 Update: A reader from Germany writes:

I think this pic is from a comic-strip from the French comic-artist Georges Pichard from about 1970. The pic must have been scanned from a German translation of this comic-book. The text is not a complete sentence, the rest of the sentence must be in the comic-pic before or after this scene. It means more or less “…and it now hit me…”

  1. Angel commented on March 10th, 2005:

    I thought it said, “Now hit on me.”

  2. der Einschlaeger commented on November 20th, 2008:

    It’s a sentence fragment. It can be translated either of two ways:

    1) He who then hit me.
    2) Of her who then hit me.

    The 2nd translation makes more sense, as it is the female who is hitting. I imagine the rest of it would read as something like: ‘the whip of her who then hit me’.

    The spanker looks like a Gypsy. At any rate, it looks like a darker, Mediterranean type punishing a lighter, Germanic or Skandinavian type)

    Great site.

  3. Michicruel commented on December 22nd, 2008:

    It`s a piece of artwork by George Pichard from “Marie Gabrielle,Volume III,in the Orient”Editions belrose,Rotterdam.
    A victorian story with the power of Charles Dickens and a lot of women in sin ,which are led on the road to improvement by harsh punishment, mostly on their round naked bottoms.
    Great masterful drawings,a must for every conoisseur and friend of corporal punishment.
    In this picture the daughter of the barons hunter has been kidnapped by Gypsies,which had some trouble with him.
    Now they have their revenge and amuse themselves by beating the shit out of her to punish her father.
    The complete text means: ” my father was a rigid and severe man too,so it was just another cane now beating me”

    Michi, Germany

  4. Jim commented on February 9th, 2012:

    Try it as

    “Now one for me to beat!”

    Which goes in context witht the story. The gypsy has probably been on the receiving end from the Baron.

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