Slavish And The Nettles

Slavish writes about a spanking evening among the nettles:

Last Thursday evening saw me with my arms outstretched and trying very hard to hold still while Master nettled my nipples. Normally i would have managed quite well but my period was due and my nipples were very sensitive so i was squirming about all over the place.

For each squirm i got whacked on the front and inner thighs, ouchy ouch. Left me with some fantastic bruises.

Ended up with me straddled over a kitchen chair which had a large bunch of nettles lying on the seat. Eventually my legs gave way and i ended up with a very nettled ass and cunt.

Who knew herbalism held such pleasures?

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  1. kaya commented on October 30th, 2007:

    I have searched all over for nettles and can’t find them anywhere. I think I’m going to have to grow my own.

    That should be the next item on JT’s.. nettle seeds.

  2. SpankBoss commented on October 30th, 2007:

    Kaya, I have the same problem. And to make matters worse, nettles are hard to germinate from seed, from what I read you need to play temperature games to make the seed sprout.

  3. Owen commented on November 1st, 2007:

    Hi folks, I’m form the UK where nettles grow like, er, um, oh yes, like weeds! I could possibly be persuaded to swap nettles for some sunshine if you have any spare?

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