Spanked For Enthusiasm

Am I the only one who thinks Dolli from Dolli Be Good ought to be spanked for excess exclamation points?

A couple days ago I got one of the worst spankings I’ve gotten in a while! Oh my gosh! Lately I’ve been SOOO obedient, but this day (wednesday) I was just having trouble listening. It was the first day back to life from vacation, and I was really sad. D was trying to get my spirits up but I was just giving him attitude…(and maybe calling him names :/ ) I really should have stopped when D started counting down to getting the belt. Yeah, no. D got the belt himself. He didn’t even tell me to get it which he usually does! So I was a little worried. I had a pillow put under my hips while I laid on the sofa. I hadn’t had the belt if FOREVER! I forgot how much it stings! I got a long, hard strapping. My bottom was ON FIRE! But I ended up feeling a lot better.

A cane stroke per, would do nicely, plus an extra with the belt for every capitalized letter not found at the beginning of a sentence.. Then she’d only use them when she needs them.

  1. Dolli commented on January 22nd, 2007:

    hey that’s not nice. no one ever made the rule that i have to use my exclamation points correctly.

    if it absolutely bothers you for real, i will use them more sparingly.

    see, none of them (or capitals fo that matter) in this comment. just for you. hehe.

    p.s. it’s nice to know you read my blog. comment back sometime.

  2. SpankBoss commented on January 22nd, 2007:

    Naw, I was teasing. But I haven’t been accused much of being “nice”, exactly. Who says you have to be told the rules before you get in trouble for breaking them? {grin}

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