Regretting Her Misbehavior

Here’s a very authentic facial reaction shot of a female miscreant who looks extremely sorry indeed:

spanked girl yelling

That’s Ellie Mayes of Spanking Mags caught in mid-scream there. She’s a very naughty girl, it turns out, so much so that if you join and look at her shoot in the member area, you’ll find her holding her cute-but-sore bottom cheeks apart and winking her rosebud at you.

  1. Amber commented on January 2nd, 2007:

    This is so hot, thank you for the links. I loved the red pleated skirt.

  2. Xemxija62 commented on January 7th, 2007:

    Nice outfit and a lovely reaction on her face, but the tongue stud just goes and spoils it!

  3. Bratscorcher commented on March 3rd, 2007:

    The tongue stud does NOT spoil it, it MAKES the shot!

    That little tongue stud speaks volumes for what this naughty girl will and must do after her punishment: give her Master a first class high quality gratitude BLOWJOB!

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