Wakeup Spankings

Nice to see Annie and Robert getting up to their old tricks again. It seemed Annie earned 33 spankings on 33 subsequent days, and one of them went like this:

Day Three, 6:30AM:

“Turn over,” I think I hear inserted into my dream. “Turn over.” There it is again. Then I feel his hand pressing my shoulder towards the mattress (I’m a side-sleeper) and another, “C’mon, baby, turn over.”

“Why?” I utter through my sleep drool.

“For your spanking.” Well, OF COURSE.

“Now? Can I pee first?” I ask, somewhat desperately.

“Are you going to wet the bed if I say no?”



Actually, there was no probably about it. That matter addressed, I headed back to bed to meet my fate while thinking, “it is waaay too early for this shit”.

Robert had already placed a pillow for me to lie across, my still-tender-from-the-evil-wooden-spoon-spanked-bottom positioned for further abuse… or rather, kind attention from my loving husband. No wait, I was right the first time with “abuse”, it doesn’t graduate to loving attention until at least 10AM.


“I know you have a busy day ahead, so I thought you’d appreciate getting this out of the way first thing,” he said in a supportive tone. SMACK!

“OW! Oh, yes, my gratitude simply cannot be articulated…” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “OW! OKAY! I deserved that! OOoow!”

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Bondage Ass Beatings Movie:

Detention House 3: Severely Punished Delinquent Girls

before and after brutal caning photo
"...and then the spanking starts. Brutal, totally uncompromising. You have never heard screams and shrieks as terrible as these..."