Schoolgirl Roleplay And A Camgirl’s Spankings

I’ve been working on my search engine technique lately, trying to find all the spanking blogging that happens as “one off” tales on salacious blogs I don’t routinely read. Some gems have turned up, including this cam girl’s story of the schoolgirl spankings she got:

He asked me if I was a good girl or a naughty girl, and he said only naughty girls went without panties. I told him I was naughty, and he wanted to know just how naughty I was. The whole time, he was rubbing my tits and rolling my nipples between his fingers. As I told him what I’d done this morning, and how I’d been on yahoo and fucked myself on cam for strangers to watch, he squeezed my nipples harder and harder, until they were starting to get sore. Then, he told me that I was a naughty little slut, and deserved a spanking.

He made me get across his knees and flipped my skirt up, spanking me with his hand. I could feel his erection pressing against my tummy. I thought he was just going to play a little but, after he warmed me up, he started spanking pretty hard, and I was jerking around on his lap and yelping for real. He held me down and threatened to gag me, so I quieted some, but part of me really wanted to be gagged. He stopped and told me he’d finish spanking me later, then pushed me down between his legs.

I was kneeling there, looking up at him laying on the bed, and he was squeezing my tits. Then, he grabbed my pigtails and pulled my mouth down to his cock. Once he got me moving to the rhythym he wanted, he reached down and squeezed my nipples while I sucked on him, pushing my head down every once and a while when I slacked off, or when he wanted to thrust himself deeper down my throat. When I thought he was going to shoot his load in my mouth, he jerked up on my hair and pulled me up towards him, so I was straddling his cock.

After a break and some sodas, we went back for bed, supposedly to go to sleep for the night. I’d forgotten about the rest of my spanking and, when I went to lay down he told me to wait and get over his knee, then took my wooden hairbrush off the dresser and spanked me until my ass was sore all over and I was on the verge of crying. Then, he told me to go to sleep and snuggled tight against me…

  1. Jon commented on September 2nd, 2006:

    Wonderful story.

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