Movie Whipping: Black Narcissus, 1947

I pretty much missed the golden age of movies that had lots of spanking and whipping in ’em (although there was one nice sexual butt-wallop in Crank, the movie I saw last night). I’ve never even heard of 1947’s Black Narcissus, but the girl getting whipped seems plenty cute enough:

girl gets a whipping in the movies

Found in the vintage erotica newsgroup on Usenet.

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  1. Terry commented on September 4th, 2006:

    I remember seeing Black Narcissus in 1947, when I was six years old. The whipping scene gave me an intense, somehow-forbidden thrill. At that age (and earlier) I was fascinated by any and all accounts of girls getting spanked. I have never quite known where it all came from, and I don’t know to this day. But it was clearly already firmly in place by that time.

  2. saro commented on September 10th, 2006:

    It’s a young Jean Simmons all browned up to pass for Indian! And the movie’s in glorious colour. The colouring contributes strongly to the film as a whole — all fiercely sexually charged.

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