Outdoor Whipping

Here are some “preparing for a whipping” shots from Pain Gate. I do like the gritty outdoor post-industrial setting:

tied for a whipping

outdoor whipping

Fair warning: the sample photos here are relatively mild compared to the serious whipping photographs that predominate at Pain Gate, so proceed at your own discretion.

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  1. Drifter commented on July 25th, 2006:

    What I’ve seen of Paingates (in the free tour) is incredibly hot. My most sincere thanks for introducing me to it. There’s no way I could justify spending money on membership right now (food, gas, and textbooks come first), so I’ll support it via pimpage. If you aren’t easily squicked and enjoy blatent, unadulturated sadism, check out this site.

  2. Francis Spakowiak commented on July 25th, 2006:

    I find it somewhat amusing that you prefer this picture for its “gritty outdoor post-industrial setting.”

    I had assumed that you were most drawn to the outstanding tushie of the young lady.

    Obviously you choose pictures for your fine blog based on their artistic, not prurient, value.

    With Grins,

  3. zeeman commented on April 26th, 2007:

    Paingate is actually pretty amazing. The girls are all really hot and take a lot of punishment. A couple of them are really into it, too. The downside is that it’s quite expensive and the two guys that do the majority of the whipping are distractingly [deleted] and talk and appear on camera way too much. The site descriptions refer to it being shot in California but it seems more like Eastern or Northern Europe, somewhere. The girls tend to have accents and that kind of look. I’d love to know what they pay them and where they recruit them from. Like I said, they’re all pretty great looking and a couple of them really get off on submitting and on the (prodigious) punishment itself, even though the guys doing the whipping are such [deleted].

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