Interview With A Spanking Model

Adele Haze has just published an interview with Bailey, who is a very popular spanking model for Real Spankings and related sites. Here’s Bailey explaining how modeling for spanking movies can sometimes interfere with her private spanking life:

Shooting every week means I have to take certain things into consideration before playing with anyone else. It isn’t the end of the world if I show up to a shoot with marks from a play encounter, but it isn’t really encouraged either. It can be hard to find the right time to play at the intensity that I’d like if I know I have a shoot coming up. Often the result is that I simply don’t get to play. If I do play with someone I find myself saying, “Remember I have to shoot…” In addition to avoiding marks, I am frequently sore. It can be hard to get up for a hard spanking at home when I am still feeling the effects off my last shoot. However even with these considerations I think I enjoy plenty of spankings privately.

And here’s Bailey bent over a school desk:

bailey gets a school spanking

  1. mikki_rosie commented on June 4th, 2006:

    okay, so i’m not a spanking vid star, but i can SO commiserate with the “oh, but i’m going to be spanked x day!” thing. i’m glad the marks i got last wekend have faded. i have a session planned with another nice guy in the community, and the first thing i did after hanging up the phone was run to the bathroom to check and see if all the marks had faded yet. (a couple of pale yellowish spots are stubbornly remaining, but that’s all. they’ll be gone by tomorrow night.)

    and yesterday, i was SO sad that they were fading… today, i’m all like, “oh, thank goodness they’re going quickly.” i’m sure he wouldn’t mind if i had a visible blue spot or two, but still. i dunno.

    is it a weird thing that i want him to have a “clean slate” to work with?

  2. Johnny commented on June 4th, 2006:

    I think most guys prefer a ‘clean slate’. But others can find a ready-bruised bottom arousing. If a spanking is administered properly (by a man) the bruises should remain for some time.

  3. SpankBoss commented on June 4th, 2006:

    Johnny, I like to leave a few marks myself, but I’m bridling at your attempt to prescribe a “proper” spanking. Here at Spanking Blog we don’t much welcome efforts to characterize some kinds of spanking as “proper” and (by implication) others as improper. Everybody gets to pick their own kind of fun. A woman giving a spanking with a satin-gloved hand is just as “proper” as a man with a big leather strap.

  4. johnny commented on June 7th, 2006:

    Sorry Spankboss. Point taken. Just guess I prefer to see a pic of a man dishing it out with a big leather strap! Each to their own though. Keep up the good work.

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