Spanking Blog Archive for December, 2004

Caning Panties

So Bethie gets home today from Wal-Mart with a pair of panties she bought for seventy-nine cents on severe post-Christmas sale. She pulls them out with a flourish: “Look at my cute new seventy-nine cent panties!”

And cute they are. Bright red and covered with a candy cane design. Nothing but little white crooked canes….

“Excellent!” I said. “Caning panties! Whenever I see you wearing these, I’ll know you want a caning.”

I believe it’s fair to say that at this point, I got A Dirty Look.

Adult Blogging Tips

So I got an email:

Dear SpankBoss,

I like very much. How did you get started? What advice would you give someone wanting to start a similar website with a different theme?

It’s a fair question. I’m assuming by “similar website with a different theme” my correspondent meant “adult blog, niche/fetish, but not M/f spanking”. Here’s an edited version of the answer I sent:

You get started by starting — it’s really that simple. There’s no substitute for diving in. You don’t need a perfect template — you’ll tweak that later. Just start blogging.

There are a lot of things that worked for me, that I consider important:

DO: Do blog every day. This doesn’t mean you can’t miss a day. It just means that, week in and week out, your visitors should find something new every time they come to your site — so they’ll make it part of their daily routine.

DO: Do stick to your theme. If you start, say,, then make sure you blog about feet 99 times out of a hundred. Your personal life, insofar as it pertains to feet, is on-topic. Six entries in a row about how your job sucks (unless you sell shoes or do pedicures) probably are not on topic. Too many BDSM-themed blogs degenerate into angst-ridden personal diaries of emotional pain when the people involved are having relationship problems. Resist the temptation to go down that road; it’s boring to everyone but you and your closest blog-friends. If you haven’t had any hot footjobs lately, don’t blog about the lack; instead, for your daily post find somebody on the internet who is having hot foot fun and link to them.

DO: Do make sure you love your theme. If you don’t, you’ll be bored blogging about it every day. Next thing you know, it will be six weeks since you’ve posted.

DO: Do plan for the long haul. When you blog, you are building a personal brand. That takes time. If you can’t see yourself maintaining your blog in three years, why go to all that effort?

DO: Do make sure you own and control every aspect of your blog. Buy your own domain. Pay for our own hosting, especially for any images you are putting up. (All free image hosting services suck unwashed donkey.) Make sure you control your blog software and that nobody else has a right to syndicate or profit from the text on your blog.

DON’T: Don’t use a “blogging service” — you don’t need it, and if your blog is on someone else’s domain, you don’t really own it. What if they go bankrupt and close their doors? Where is your blog then? Much better to have it on your domain, which you can move to a new host in a few hours if trouble strikes. Or what if your blogging service starts running ugly ads beside your blog posts? Sure, they don’t do that now — but who knows what they’ll do after an IPO, two mergers, and a corporate acquisition?

Do: Do blog for the search engines. Which is to say, blog for people who don’t know what a blog is, but who would enjoy finding you when they type your theme words into a search engine. How do you do that? It’s easy. Get a domain name that incorporates your theme words. If is taken, try or or or whatever. Make sure “foot fetish” appears in your page title and in your blog title or subtitle. Use HTML the way it was designed; make sure your blog entry titles are surrounded by header tags, and (where possible) make sure they have good keywords. All other things being equal, tomorrow’s post will get more search engine visitors over time if you title it “Pretty Feet On The Stairs” than if you title it “I’m Drooling On My Monitor”. Google “honest search engine optimization” and follow the advice you’ll find.

Do: Do participate in the blogging community. Read the blogs on your blogroll. Blog about what they say, if you have something to add. Leave comments on the blogs you read. This is actually the best way to attract readers when you are just starting out — people will read your comments and, if they like what you say, they will click through to your blog. The blogger on whose blog you comment will surely click through, and may link you if he or she (a) likes what you are doing and (b) is flattered to discover you are already linking to them. Note well: Leaving stupid comments, or empty “LOL” or “I like this” comments, will not have the same result; people will (rightly) take you for a comment spammer, and will ignore you or delete your comments.

Do: Do have a blogroll. I shouldn’t have to say this — it’s included in the previous paragraph. But I do have to say it. I get tons of link requests from “bloggers” who don’t link to anybody. They use blog software, and they write something every day, but they don’t participate in the blogging community. They don’t link to anyone and they don’t have a blog roll. I don’t understand this mentality. I mean, why would you ask other people to link to you, if you can’t be bothered to link to anyone else? I actually know of a fairly good spanking “blog” that does this. They’ve asked me to link them up, and I’d put them up in the “Spanking Blogs” section in a hot minute — if only they would participate in the community. But as it is, they want to suck traffic in and not share any back out. Go figure. No matter how good you are, you’re never that good.

Do: Do link generously and profligately. When in doubt, link. Link whenever you think your readers would like to visit the site you are linking.

Don’t: Don’t worry about link backs. If you like a site well enough to link to it, link to it. If you wouldn’t link to a site unless they gave you a return link, that means you don’t think it has value for your surfers. Which means, it still doesn’t, after the backlink. Forget about backlinks. Link for your surfers. You’ll be surprised how often you get a backlink anyway.

Do: Do be very wary of negotiated link exchanges. If somebody has already linked to you, and emails you to ask for a return link, try to give their site a fair look. It’s polite to reciprocate, but not fair to your surfers if the site sucks. However, if someone emails you about an “exchange of links”, but hasn’t put your own link up yet, they are telling you “I don’t think your site is good enough to link to, but I’ll do it anyway if you’ll link to me first.” Screw that. Half the time, even if you do put up the link, they never reciprocate. But the important point is: they don’t respect you enough to link to you. They only want your return link. Again, screw that.

Don’t: Don’t feel you have to respond to all the link exchange results you will get (and you will eventually start getting dozens every day). First of all, most of them will be automated spams. Do you feel the need to be polite to the electronic robot who telephones you during dinner to sell you car insurance? Me, I just hang up. Second, for your own sanity, you must resist the temptation to try and answer every link request, even the ones that are obviously from humans. Much of the time you would be saying “no” — and it’s incredibly difficult and time-consuming to write polite rejection letters. If you can’t say something nice, it’s politer and easier to say nothing at all.

Don’t: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking traffic doesn’t matter. It does. Remember, you are building a personal brand, even if you never hope to make a dime from it. That means you want readers, and you want exposure. Again, why bother to blog if nobody reads? It’s a lot of time and energy; for most people, the rewards for that include positive feedback from as many real people as possible. Also, if you are blogging about adult topics, the traffic you’ll earn has a substantial economic value, because you could sell ads whether you choose to, or not. Eventually, people will start offering you money for your blog and your domain name. There are also practical benefits to having lots of traffic. If you link someone, and their server stats go through the roof, they are more inclined to link back to you.

Don’t: Don’t advertise at first, even if you eventually decide to do so in order to cover your hosting costs or to make beer money. Blog advertising is very tricky. When in doubt, think twice. Make sure your ads don’t overwhelm your blog. You don’t want to resemble those plastic commercial “porn blog” horrors exemplified by, say, (No link; if you go visit, you’ll see why not. Ugh.) If you point your readers to a pay site, be honest. Don’t say something empty and plastic and implausible, like “This is the best foot fetish site ever!” Instead, say something real, such as “I like this pay site because the blonde girl that models for them has the prettiest toes — I’d lick peanut butter off of them all day.” (Don’t say that, either, unless you actually would.) In the long run, if you are popular, you won’t be able to pay for bandwidth without some ads. But don’t worry about advertising for the first six months or a year. At first, you won’t have enough traffic to make it worth wasting screen space on the ads. Also, many bloggers have a leftish horror of potential profit — they’ll make snide remarks, and not link you, if they spot an advertisement. So you might as well wait until you have plenty of traffic — leaving ads out of the equation will make it easier to grow at first.

Don’t: Don’t ever vandalize your own blog. I see this all the time. Somebody gets bored, or busy, or a family member or co-worker discovers the blog. The next thing you know, they’ve deleted all their posts and the URL goes 404. It’s a huge mistake, and it doesn’t do any good. If it’s ever been on the internet, it’s in somebody’s archive or cache somewhere, so taking it down won’t help. Worse yet, all the links to your blog are now broken — you’ve just accomplished an enormous act of internet vandalism. You’re much better off simply to say “this blog has gone on hiatus” and leave all the posts up. That way, people can continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor. And, if circumstances ever change, you can pick up where you left off, only with a considerable portion of your “brand” already constructed and firmly entrenched into the structure of the web. Taking your blog offline is like burning down your garage because you just got a sixty-day driving license suspension. Don’t do it.

That should be enough to get you started!

Femdom Spanking Art

Recent feedback makes it clear that I’ve got more male readers who like or want to be spanked than I had realized. Although guys getting spanked appear here only rarely (because the boredom factor for me is right up there with the recaptured depreciation tables in the Internal Revenue Code) I did want to share this bit of femdom spanking and puppy-slave-training art by the notorious Eric Stanton:

femdom spanking art by stanton

But what I want to know is: Why doesn’t my riding crop leave vivid marks like that? I guess I’ll just have to try harder.

Via Usenet.

See Also:

Whipping Up A Living

An interesting historical account listing flagellation instruments:

But the queen of her profession was undoubtedly Mrs Theresa Berkley, of No 28 Charlotte Street, Portland Place; she was a perfect mistress of her art, understood how to satisfy her clients, and was, moreover, a thorough woman of business, for she amassed during her career a considerable sum of money…

“Her instruments of torture were more numerous than those of any other governess. Her supply of birch was extensive, and kept in water, so that it was always green and pliant: she had shafts with a dozen whip thongs on each of them; a dozen different sizes of cat-o’-nine-tails, some with needle points worked into them; various kinds of thin bending canes; leather straps like coach traces; battledoors, made of thick sole-leather, with inch nails run through to docket, and currycomb tough hides rendered callous by many years flagellation. Holly brushes, furze brushes; a prickly evergreen, called butcher’s bush; and during the summer, a glass and China vases, filled with a constant supply of green nettles, with which she often restored the dead to life. Thus, at her shop, whoever went with plenty of money, could be birched, whipped, fustigated, scourged, needle-pricked, half-hung, holly-brushed, furze-brushed, butcher-brushed, stinging-nettled, curry-combed, phletbotomized, and tortured till he had a belly full.

“For those whose lech it was to flog a woman, she would herself submit to a certain extent; but if they were gluttons at it, she had women in attendance who would take any number of lashes the flogger pleased, provided he forked out an ad valorem duty. Among these were Miss Ring, Hannah Jones, Sally Taylor, One-eyed Peg, Bauld-cunted Poll, and a black girl, called Ebony Bet.

From “The Flogging Whores Of Old London“, extracted from the ‘Flagellation’ entry in Ashbee’s Index of Forbidden Books (Ashbee 1969:147-151).

The Spanking Blog Google Group

I don’t know about you all, but I sometimes find the comment system a bit limiting as a means of promoting community betwixt-and-among my readers. It’s very serial and very slow. So when I noticed that Google was beta-testing a free email group service (like Yahoo Groups, only better) I decided to create a Google Group for Spanking Blog. This is an experiment; I have no idea whether anybody will want to use it. I basically envision the thing as a big erotic-spanking free-for-all, with a few notable exceptions. I’m going to moderate the thing, because I won’t have anything associated with this blog that’s not as kink-friendly, non-judgmental, non-political, spam-free, and polite as possible. So be nice, eh? And if you post stories or pictures or artwork, make sure to indicate that they are your own work, or that you have permission to post them.

If nobody joins, it won’t come to anything — but if you want some community space, here it is. Enjoy! (See signup box at bottom of page)

More Christmas Spankings

To finish warming the cockles of your whatever, I present the following Christmas morality play, in the form of a video capture sequence from Girls Boarding School. On a cold Christmas Eve, these two bored young ladies were sitting around in their sterile dormitory, playing with a plastic Santa doll:

boarding school christmas party

Things warm up quickly when the contraband bottle of vodka comes out:

bad boarding school girls drink vodka on Christmas Eve

Next thing you know, the Santa hats come out:

drunk boarding school girls in santa hats

And then the fun starts! One of the girls quickly winds up over the other’s knee for a “punishment”:

boarding school girls spank each other

Uh, oh, now the fun is over. Busted! “I’m sorry sir, we weren’t planning to drink the vodka. Actually, we bought it as a gift for you?”

Nice try.

boarding school girls busted by the headmaster

The lecture goes on for some time:

boarding school girls in trouble

But, of course, the inevitable spanking follows.

boarding school girls getting spanked

Then it’s time to stand up and bend over for the caning. By this point, Drunken Elf Girl #2 is looking distinctly nervous:

boarding school girls anticipating a caning

She’s got that sinking feeling now:

boarding school girl knows the cane is gonna burn

She can’t bear to watch:

bording school caning

Finally they are both getting it:

two drunk school girls get their caning punishments

And feeling it, looks like? Or are they just singing a joyous Christmas carol?

two school girls in pain

Any way you cut it, a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Spanking

Amanda emailed this cute Christmas Spanking poem to me, labeled “author unknown”:

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.
The paddles were hung in the cupboard with care,
In hopes that her bottom soon would be bare.

The children were nestled at Grandma’s in bed,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;
And ma in her nightie, and I in my cap
Had just settled down for a long discipline chat.

When out of her mouth there arose such a clatter,
I sat on the bed as she sassed “What’s the matter?”
I pulled her up over my knee in a flash,
Then pulled up her nightie, to bare her sweet ass.

Her bottom, as white as the new-fallen snow
Would soon have the luster of a healthy red glow.
Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a large wooden paddle, to redden her rear!

With long hard swings, both lively and quick,
She knew in a moment it won’t be a picnic.
In rapid succession the paddling came,
I shouted, and called out her no-nos by name:

I paddled her hard and continued her fate.
She begged and she pleaded and I knew she would bawl!
Her bottom, her thighs — I covered them all!

As I held her down tight, I could hear her loud cries —
When the paddle met her, there were tears in her eyes.
So I spanked and I spanked and the paddle it flew,
And the lecture of love that came with it too.

To the wiggling and kicking of each little foot
The paddle would soon make her little ass cook.
As I drew back the paddle, again it would sound:
Down on her bottom it came with a bound.

She was pretty and sexy, from her head to her foot,
But her soul was all tarnished like ashes and soot;
A bundle of guilt she had had on her back,
I took them away with each firm paddle whack.

Her eyes — how they twinkled! With tears that weren’t merry!

Her cheeks — red as roses, her thighs like a cherry!
Her beautiful hair was drawn up in a bow,
And her bottom was now not so white as the snow.

I let her get up and put paddle on shelf,
Then kissed her to show her my love for herself.
A wink of my eye and a twist of my head,
Soon let her know it was now time for bed;

I spoke not a word, but went straight to my work,
I tucked her in bed; then turned with a jerk,
And laying my finger aside of my nose,
I said to myself, “She’s as red as a rose”.

Although spanking for love can be quick as a whistle,
It won’t blow away like the down of a thistle.
So to all of you folks who love spankings so dear,

Loopy Cane Tested And Approved

The reader who wrote to inquire about loop-ended canes has received and tested one, and writes:

Hello again! I received the loopy cane yesterday. We tried it last night and it is so much more than a cane. It’s like being hit with two canes or three, (depending on which angle you aim from) at the same time. It’s really intense. Because of the rounded end you don’t have to watch out for that tip or wrap around. It can also sneak into tight places close to tender spots that you’d have to work at, to get with the cane. If you have a love hate relationship with the cane, this one will become your best friend, the others will become lonely hanging in the closet! Thanks again for your assistance in finding this cool new toy for us.

You are welcome!

Turning The Tables

I’ve linked to Sweetness Follows forever, because Michelle gets spanked a lot. So it’s noteworthy when Mike has messed up and (as previously agreed — that was your first mistake, man!) had to get punished.

At this point in the tale Michelle tries to go all poor-me:

I really, really didn’t want to do it. It’s not something that I’ve ever found exciting — sure, getting a spanking is great for me. Giving one? Not so much. He once had me test out the flogger on him — giving him one stroke on the bum — and I cried for an hour afterwards.

Later on, she’s singing a different tune. Does she still sound unhappy to you?

We moved into the bedroom, where I asked him to lay on his stomach. He did, and I very gently dried him off with a nice, soft towel, being especially gentle on his tender red bottom. Then I sweetly and gently gave him a massage, with our mint (tingly tingly) massage oil. And then I got out the cane. Yes, the steel one. Twenty strokes with that. Not overly hard, but not wimpy girly strokes, either. I think it was around the tenth (so thirtieth in all) stroke with the cane that I finally elicited a “Jesus Christ, Michelle!” from him. Five strokes later, there he was, wriggling and (could it be?) trying to move away from the cane. “Mike,” I said. “What are you doing?” “Nothing.” “Well then stop moving!” “But it hurts!”

… sound a little familiar? Role reversal, I’d say.

This could never happen to me (he said smugly) because around here, even suggesting that I be spanked (however playfully, and no matter the circumstances) gets Bethie in trouble. If I were so foolish as to get into Mike’s predicament, I should hope Bethie would be too distracted — by imagining the consequences when it’s my turn again — to deliver the goods.

Talking To Mom About Spanking

No, really, the sexy kind. Metafilter has this really incredible set of links to the forums on, consisting of transcripts of hilarious phone conversations a kinky man has with his mother, after (1) she has taken a job in a sex shop; (2) she has discovered her son is kinky, and (3) she’s met a submissive man with a foot fetish. Just one small sample:

Mom: I think I might be what they call a switch.

Me: What?!

Mom: Well, I’m not really sure. Will you answer a question?

Me: Sure, soon as I’m done spewing my lunch up.

Mom: Stop it, Kirk. You don’t know how upset I’ve been with you for finding this out about you. (You? You?! Wtf? It’s all about you, isn’t it.)

Me: I know you mom, but what’s done is done, and what is- is exactly the opposite of what ain’t.

Mom: Well at least you’re not like the customers in the store.

Me: I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Why do you think you’re a switch?

Mom: Because when your father and I used to go away on camping trips, I really liked being spanked.

Me – … (My life expectancy is seriously dwindling here.)

Mom: Well? Doesn’t that mean I might be a switch?

Me: … Is nothing sacred to you?

Mom: For petes sake, kirky. You have NO IDEA how hard it is to think that YOU are like this! And now, I’m caught up in it! I went to church on Sunday and I had to leave in the middle!

Me: Yah, I hate those conflicting church/spanking schedules.

Mom: That’s not funny.

Me: Neither is the thought of dad spanking you. (Remember your first roller coaster ride? And all the nausea that accompanied it?)

Mom: Well it was fun at the time. (I can HEAR her smiling. This is just evil.)

One might be forgiven for doubting whether these transcripts match actual phone calls, but there’s a certain undeniable “nobody could make that up” flavor to the things.

Thanks to Daze Reader for the link.

Spanking Traffic

How would you like to trade traffic with a bunch of spanking-related websites? If that sounds good, you should consider signing up to trade with my spanking toplist.

If toplists are new to you, the basic idea is a list of links (usually with banners) that every participating member links to. The people who send the most hits get ranked highest on the page, and (in theory) get more hits back. Because people click on more than one link at the toplist, it serves as a traffic multiplier; done right, everybody gets back more traffic than they send.

I originally set up my toplist to try and expand the traffic to Spanking Blog, back when I didn’t have very many readers. And it worked fairly well, at first. Unfortunately, toplists are vulnerable to cheating; there are a dozen ways to send fake hits, get ranked dishonestly high, and skim the traffic from the honest participants. Because I was using free software that lacked anti-cheat features, my toplist eventually attracted cheaters. You could see it just by looking at the numbers; the “hits in” numbers at the top of the page were immensely bigger than the “hits out” numbers, because most of the “hits in” were fake, having been generated by click-bots.

Well, I rocked along for awhile just by deleting the most obvious cheaters, but it wasn’t enough. So finally I bit the bullet, upgraded to the paid-for professional version of the toplist script, and got serious about weeding out the cheaters. I had to set up a gateway page and turn on a bunch of anti-cheat features, after which it quickly became clear who the cheaters were. They’re gone now, and you can see at a glance that the toplist is healthy again. Everybody is getting more traffic than they send.

All sorts of web pages are welcome, from blogs to journals to home pages to pay sites. If you have a page with a spanking or BDSM theme, you should give it a try. It actually works best for people with tiny sites; sending one or two hits is enough to get you on the list for a couple of weeks, and even WAAAY down at the bottom of the list, you’ll still probably get fifty or more return visitors in that time.

(Another good toplist for adult blogs of all sorts is Cunning Linguists. )

Candy Store Spankings

In the comments over at Spanking Bethie, someone writes:

The thick twisted red Twizzler licorice sticks make for really nasty spanking tools. The 12 inchers are bad, but the 24 inch ones they sell around Halloween are murder. Black twizzlers break, red ones don’t — and they really really hurt!!!!! Just so you know.

Sounds like she speaks from experience!

Asking For A Spanking

Patty had to ask for a spanking the other day. I quote the asking part, you’ll have to read for yourself the (hard) spanking part. And, of course, the part with the “after the spanking” activities. (“Bad, naughty Zoot!”)

I let Fred spend enough time to do all the bills and the budget in Quicken. Partly while I got up my nerve, but also because I know it puts him in just the right kind of mood to be able to spank really hard. Then I knocked on the door to the den with Bethany’s paddle tucked up behind my back.

My timing wasn’t quite perfect, because he wasn’t quite done, but my interruption was OK with him.

“Hey there?”

“”Hi.” I know I sounded nervous, because I could feel myself trembling and my face flushed.

The concern on his face was immediate. I think he was afraid something was wrong for a second, and then I reached out the paddle to him and his expression changed immediately. “Hard?” He knew right away why I was there and what I needed.

“Yes please.”

“You’ve been working up to this for days haven’t you?”

I just nodded, because my mouth dried up. I knew then that he’d been waiting to let me get to a place where I could ask this time, and that he was more than ready to apply all his frustrations and curbed annoyances into giving me what I needed.

“Come here,” he pushed his chair away from the desk and around away from other obstructions and pointed to the floor by his feet.

Second, third and fourth thoughts flooded through me before I obeyed him, but my need defeated them all and I moved to where he told me to go.

“Pull your pants down Patty,” he sounded annoyed that I hadn’t already started to do that.

Figging Story

Here’s a story that vividly combines figging and spanking in the best Victorian tradition.

Except for, um, er, one little detail. It’s a slash story, meaning it features male/male action between a couple of characters from popular fiction. This one is for the ladies, then — who, I am told, comprise the vast majority of the fan base for slash.

Something blunt and wet nudged at his arsehole–much cooler than anything else that had touched him so far. A push, another, and it was inside him, was shoved in deeper until the ring of muscle closed down around a narrower neck set into the thing. Draco shuddered as Harry released his buttocks and stepped back, leaving the plug of ginger snug inside him.

“Now. Think your arse can take more?”

“Take more what?”

“Yes, I suppose it’ll have to.” Sound of something going swick through the air.

Then something hit him, hard. “Ow!” He jerked against the restraints. It had crossed his arse in an awful line, but the tip had struck like a knife on his arse. He craned his head around to look; it looked like a cane, but springier–taken from a tree, he guessed.

And Harry swung it hard enough to make him look away in panic. “Ow!” he yelled again as it struck, tip biting into the right side of his arse just under where it had hit the first time. And the length of it felt like it was going to welt his buttocks no less.

These were not coming as quickly as the paddling or the spanking had. Which was not a lot of comfort; he could tell that these blows required attention, to get them to land where you wanted them.

That was about the point when he noticed the effects of the ginger.

He’d thought it would sting. It did. But slowly; slowly getting his awareness that something uncomfortable was happening inside his bunghole, slowly starting to burn in that way that felt cool rather than hot, like ice that never warmed with your body temperature, and never numbed you, either.

The cane swacked down on him again. Even as he yelled, he felt the icy burn in his anus flare. Fuck! It was like lemon juice and menthol and pepper all at the same time, and yet it had its moments when it was worse, and when it receded. What the hell?

It took three more swacks of the cane before he realized. When the cane hit. When he clenched his buttocks each time it did. He tightened around the ginger and the burn would eagerly attack the lining of his arse. Oh, fuck.

“Don’t clench,” Harry said, chiding softly, just before he struck again.

Draco howled, clenched of course, and exploded, “Let me do it to you and we’ll see how well you do!” He hung over the sofa back–ribs not the least concern now–panting, thinking that was definitely not the right thing to say, under the circumstances.

But he doubted anything he said would have made it worse. Another swack. The burn went through his arse inside and out, both across and through–he didn’t know which was worse. Another. He hissed, tried to bite at the sofa upholstery, told himself not to clench at the next blow. Another. Oh, fuck, it was worse, not clenching one’s arse; the cane seemed to cut six inches deeper. Another. Ah, fuck, no, the fire of the ginger was worse! Fuck fuck fuck, which was it?

Harry’s fingers were on the ginger plug. He was taking it out–fuck, no, he was rotating it inside him, no, moving it back and forth a little, no! And then he’d stopped, left it where it was, and set his palms on the globes of Draco’s welted, red-hot arse, and pushed them together around the ginger, holding them there as Draco screeched and begged and suffered the full effects of the ginger and came within a hair of calling Harry the most evil fucker on the planet and threatening to kill him. Draco really, really didn’t want to go back to the beginning on this one.

From For Your Own Good by Amanuensis. Thanks to Eros Blog for the link.

See Also:

Whip of Flame

This rather eye-opening anime cartoon immediately brings one question to my mind: How in the heck did that girl convince the Balrog to lend her his whip of flame?

whip of fire

Thanks to the Beaten Anime page at Beaten Asses for the picture.

Red Gets A Spanking

From the Red Sneaker Diaries, a hot spanking, complete with pictures:

“And all you have to say about all this is that you’re sorry?” he asked, flatly. I tried to turn and look at him to say that I really was, when I was interrupted by a thwack on my right bum cheek (again!). I could feel it flushing, heat emanating from the outlines of the two hand slaps I could feel on my ass. Compared to the left (untouched) cheek, it felt hot enough to fry an egg. As I moaned, he again grabbed my hair and turned my face away. His rough hair tugging was sending silver shivers down my scalp to the base my spine, where it was mixing pleasantly with the heat collecting at the base of my spine from the warmth in my bum. And so I kept trying to look back at him.

His hand kept coming down, my face pushing into the pillow with each hit, ass wiggling in the air, shamelessly begging for more. At some point, he upped the intensity of the occasional smack from hard to ouch!, which changed everything. My ass dropped slightly, I swore loudly and turned to look at him angrily. He slowed, caressed, turned my head yet again and nudged me upwards. Soon enough, my ass was wiggling in the air with my stoicism freshly renewed. And then it was nothing but ouch! Oh, I pretty quickly numbed and floated away, swearing like a sailor, drooling on the pillow, ass however forever perky and wiggling, begging for just one more strike.

And one of the pretty pictures of the result:


Thanks, Red!

A Spanking Shirt For Your Christmas List

Christmas is coming! And if you are reading this blog, can you honestly claim there isn’t someone at your house that needs a shirt that says “I Enjoy A Good Spanking”?

spanking shirt

I thought not.

Her First Punishment

This made me laugh. You’ll recall that I’ve been catching some minor flak lately for linking to some harshly-whipped Russian ladies who (*gasp*) may have been in it strictly for the money. Nobody in the kink community should condone such a thing, I was told. Apparently I’m contributing to snuff, rape, exploitation, domestic abuse, child abuse, verbal abuse, irresponsibility, name-calling, flaming, and (for all I know) the terrible state of modern animated children’s television. The spiritual cousin, I am, to heroin pushers and KKK sympathizers. Oh, and I’m unethical and lacking in moral judgment, to boot.

Have I mentioned that I’m rather allergic to people telling me what I “should” do or think or condone? No? Well, I am.

With that background, you may well imagine my guffaw when I stumbled over a brand new spanking paysite to bring to your attention. The name is innocuous enough: Her First Punishment. But click through, and the site’s tagline catches your eye: “Ever wonder how naughty girls are punished in Russia?”

The answer would seem to be “harshly.” This gallery (found at Spankslaves Spanking TGP) proclaims, in various places: “Flaming Red Russian Bottoms. Streaming Hot Russian Tears. Russian Slaves Spanked to Tears. Real Life Spankings — Severe Punishments Directly From Russia!” All of which, as we children of a consumer culture know so well, must be nothing but the most strict and literal truth.

Judge for yourself, why don’t ya? She’s surely crying:


Thank you for visiting Spanking Blog, where we’ve wallowed in immorality since 2003!

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Spanking Novel Request

A reader request here. Rod writes:

I read in the 1960s an incredibly sexy and wonderful book called “The Education of Jacqueline” set in London — a classic spanking story of the young girl who starts work as a secretary and her woman boss who starts spanking her. I have never been able to find a copy or even a reference to it and I would dearly love to — and to let everyone else know about it. I’ve searched every on-line site including all the library catalogues without success….

Anybody have any information about this book?

Spanking Bethie

No, no, not my favorite thing to do…the blog, I mean!

Yup, you are reading that right. Bethie has her own new blog called Spanking Bethie. She’s just getting started, but she’s starting out strong with her side of the story about her recent big spanking.

She’s promising to finish some of her stories and share those with us, too. Please go encourage her, will ya?