More Christmas Spankings

To finish warming the cockles of your whatever, I present the following Christmas morality play, in the form of a video capture sequence from Girls Boarding School. On a cold Christmas Eve, these two bored young ladies were sitting around in their sterile dormitory, playing with a plastic Santa doll:

boarding school christmas party

Things warm up quickly when the contraband bottle of vodka comes out:

bad boarding school girls drink vodka on Christmas Eve

Next thing you know, the Santa hats come out:

drunk boarding school girls in santa hats

And then the fun starts! One of the girls quickly winds up over the other’s knee for a “punishment”:

boarding school girls spank each other

Uh, oh, now the fun is over. Busted! “I’m sorry sir, we weren’t planning to drink the vodka. Actually, we bought it as a gift for you?”

Nice try.

boarding school girls busted by the headmaster

The lecture goes on for some time:

boarding school girls in trouble

But, of course, the inevitable spanking follows.

boarding school girls getting spanked

Then it’s time to stand up and bend over for the caning. By this point, Drunken Elf Girl #2 is looking distinctly nervous:

boarding school girls anticipating a caning

She’s got that sinking feeling now:

boarding school girl knows the cane is gonna burn

She can’t bear to watch:

bording school caning

Finally they are both getting it:

two drunk school girls get their caning punishments

And feeling it, looks like? Or are they just singing a joyous Christmas carol?

two school girls in pain

Any way you cut it, a very Merry Christmas!

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before and after brutal caning photo
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