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Slave Girl Spankings

It’s been awhile since I pointed to any stories here. But I just stumbled across a long story called The Black Pearl of Pharazion by Cobalt Jade. I haven’t read the whole thing, but when I dipped into Chapter 7: The Making of a Slave I found it entertaining:

Shezrine tugged sharply on the leash. Marnessa was forced to squirm after her like a caterpillar, moving at the slowest of paces because of how she had been bound. Shezrine continued to whip her as she struggled. Not raw, for one did not risk scarring one’s pleasure slaves, but the welts were large and very red.

I squirmed in my seat. Yes, I was very wet, the demonstration stimulating me against my better judgment. I prayed J’Wabra would not sense my agitation, but he was in a world of his own. What did a eunuch think of such things?

Marnessa’s pace picked up under the whip. Her expression slackened, the fearful tears giving way to a frantic desire to obey, the phallus no doubt contributing a degrading pleasure as she crawled.

Shezrine let her rest in the middle of the floor. Her strapped buttocks bulged, now red and smartly welted. They were so deeply cleft by the leather straps they looked like a pair of ripe, rosy apricots. She moaned, in relief, I thought.

“That’s it. Moan louder.” Shezrine snapped her whip. It hit the floor only inches beyond Marnessa’s shaved head. She moaned louder. “Good. Let me know with the sound how much you suffer, how much you deserve it, how much you enjoy it. You do enjoy it, don’t you?” Another crack. “Look at you, crawling on the floor like an animal, every inch of you exposed.”

Caning Information

Gary Switch, observing the recent report of my novice caning experiments, very kindly sent along a link to his excellent caning how-to article: “The Rod of Rods“.

I was particularly entertained by the way in which he updated the traditional advice that one practice one’s caning technique by caning a pillow. He recommends using: a teddy bear. Bethie has lots of teddy bears. And the fun thing? I’m not sure she could stand to watch me cane one. I wonder what she’ll offer up as a substitute?

I also liked Gary’s poetic explanation of the point of it all:

Spanking is a thud. Caning is sting and burn, a sharply focused sensation, a compelling excursion into the entertainment potential of your central nervous system. It’s ecstasy for endorphin junkies, heaven for heavy players, paradise for bottoms who’ve learned to process pain into pleasure. Pain is when I stub my toe. Pleasure is when I’m tingling in anticipation of the next stroke. Caning can be severe or sensuous, decadent or decorous, spontaneous or scripted. Incorporating a single implement into your play can add oodles of atmosphere.

Thanks, Gary!

Classic Bondage Spanking

Here’s a rare vintage spanking picture where the spanker actually looks intent on her work and the spankee has the decency to at least try and look concerned by what’s happening back at the tail end:

cute girl looks frantic as she gets a strong paddle spanking while tied up

Thanks to Bondage Blog.

Wife Spanking

Just found this entertaining-looking new spanking site: Wife Spank. A bit commercial, but has plenty of entertaining free stuff. Plus, they linked me – always a plus.

Found via Spank Directory, which has been growing nicely of late.

More Carpet Beater Spanking

There were quite a few posts here some months back about the hard-to-find carpet beater. So I thought folks would be amused by this Girls Boarding School photo showing a carpet beater being used to administer a very sound spanking:

carpet beater spanking a nice red bottom

Hmmm, maybe I should get Bethie one of these.

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Caning Fun With Katy

Pictures from her Master’s visit:

The presentation of the bottom and the impressive collection of canes.

The presentation of the impressive collection of cane marks.

Those two do have some fun.

Between Spankings

It hasn’t been all spankings around here lately; in order to play properly, some rope was required. This rope was scratchy but fun, and the rope harness makes a great frame for her lovely breasts. She wasn’t so sure about some of the others, but she fully agrees that this picture is too nice to keep to ourselves:

bethie in a rope harness

There’s an even prettier closeup with six small clothespins, that I’ll post another day….

Recipe For A Spanking

Sarah at Submissive Reflections recounts this anecdote about a woman she knows who withholds sex if she’s not happy with her husband. Not an uncommon tale, but rare to hear a reliable account of it being so explicitly admitted:

She told me she doesn’t give her partner sex unless he has done something for her. No blow job unless he has vacuumed, no intercourse unless he has washed up, no kissing unless he has put away all his clothes. She said it took her a couple of years to get him to understand that she has to be happy before he gets what he wants, but it was worth it. By this stage I was feeling rather ill.

I can’t ever imagine a situation where bribery and blackmail are good for a relationship. I don’t please Mac because of something He has done. I please Mac because I want too.

I mean, lets just imagine for it for a moment:

Mac’s hands tangle in my hair as He forces me down to my knees. My fingers reach automatically for His pants, undoing them and freeing His already stiffening cock. I kiss it gently then look up at Him with lust in my eyes and whisper huskily ‘Darling, did You take out the garbage?’

He freezes mid moan, with a sudden realisation in His eyes. ‘Damn baby, I forgot.’

‘Oh.’ I say, standing up and dusting off my knees. ‘Well, I guess if you don’t have time to take out the garbage…’

Is anyone else seeing a girl aching for an argument?

Well, actually, no. What I am seeing is a girl aching for about forty stout strokes from The Strap. Possibly followed (if I were in a grumpy mood, and odds are I would be, considering) by an uncomfortable night spent hogtied naked in the middle of the living room carpet.

But that’s just me.

Plastic Ruler Spanking

As my loyal readers know, this blog is about adult women getting spanked – I don’t dabble much in ageplay or discussion of the spanking of children (although older teens and “schoolgirls” past the age of puberty are fair game). However, I will bend the rule a bit in drawings and illustrations, since these involve no actual children. For instance, this Japanese schoolgirl spanking scene:

anime schoolgirls spanked with a plastic ruler

Over Her Knee

Much earlier this month I learned of a male-sub women-spanking-men blog called Over Her Knee. Somehow I lost the link for awhile, but it’s a stylish enterprise well worth your time if you think male bottoms need to be reddened from time to time.

(Me, I’m a chauvinist; my tender buttocks are not fair game and I’ve been known to chastise Bethie for suggesting I test my spanking toys on myself. Why endure needless pain when I can test them so much more easily and satisfactorily on her?)

Somebody Needs A Spanking

Once a week or so I get a nice letter complimenting me on the blogging I do here. It always makes my day. So I suppose it’s inevitable that I will sometimes also get hate mail. Fortunately, such nasty letters are vanishingly rare, and they are usually also so illiterate and incomprehensible as to be hilarious. Case in point:

From: “Jim” {}
Sent: Thursday, January 22/2004 2:30 AM
Subject: is your hand more sore from…

is your hand more sore from jacking off, or pounding that link key LOL
it’s hilarious that you have almost 500 in hits, and under 100 outs ROFL

talk about faking statistics, but as long as you’re happy thinking you’re number one in your own head that’s fine…

keep on jackin off

I have no idea what the author is babbling about, but he’s obviously handicapped by missing the class on periods in third grade. Jim Ottley, thanks for a good laugh!

Triple Tawse Spanking

Here’s another random picture from my archives, probably harvested from alt. binaries. pictures. erotica. vintage at some point in the past:

triple-tongued leather tawse spanking

A vigorous bit of work with the tawse, eh?

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Pink Floyd For Spankos

A reader sent along the following “altered” song lyric:

What Do You Want From Me (Spankee Version)
Original lyrics by David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
Altered lyrics by A.L.T.

As you look around this room tonight
Take me over knee and dim the lights
Do you want my screams?
Do you want my tears?
What do you want?

Should I count until I can’t count anymore?
Take every swat till my bottom is raw and blue?
Do it all to please
What do you want from me?

Did you say that I did something, a big no-no?
If I promised never again, would you slow?
Should I take all of the pain?
Do you want me to wear my collar and chain for you?
To meet your kinky need
What do you want from me?

You can have anything you want
You can spank, you can flog, even tie me up
Anything you want

You can own every part of me
Tell me you’re in complete control
That’s really what I need

You can lose yourself this night
Tan my hide, give me reddened backside
I won’t even fight

What do you want from me?

I don’t know enough Pink Floyd to tell how funny this is, but it sounds promising!

A Little Friendly Caning

Neither Bethie nor I have any real experience with canes. So I procured this little tiny 23″ cane, which looks almost completely harmless. And indeed it is (almost) harmless. A test whack at full strength on the leg leaves an interesting persistent raised double-lined welt, but hurts very little beyond a brief sharp sting.

But the thing is very light, and can be swung a lot of times….

Here’s the result of just a few seconds of rapid repetitive very light swings, resulting in tons of red lines but no raised welts at all. This was just for fun, but it got Bethie wriggling and squirming in no time:

red cane marks on Bethie's beautiful bottom

A couple of days later I used the cane much more seriously (although still in pure fun) swinging it hard with the intent to raise the little welts. Her bottom was already well warmed up from other play, and the welts didn’t raise on the warmed up areas very much at all. However, here’s a closeup of an area of her inner thigh that had previously been neglected, showing welts about 1.5″ long made by the tip of the cane:

tiny welts on Bethie's inner thigh from the mini cane

She squawked a bit about these, until the lotion started going on, whereupon she grew exceedingly friendly.

Bethie’s Bath Brush Spanking: Delivered

The reputation of the bath brush appears well deserved. There was much kicking and squawking, although she was very good and did not need to be tied. The results speak for themselves:

bethie's bottom after her bath brush spanking

closeup of bath brush welts on Bethie's bottom

Afterwards she was assuring me she’d be very very good, and would be much too sore for days for any more spanking. But a bit of lotion and a lot of rubbing later, she was commenting disappointedly on how various parts of her bottom weren’t as hot and bothered as the other parts. A few hours later, she was delving in her personal effects and handing me paddles I hadn’t seen yet “just so you can see them.”

Right. So it was over the knee for her. Her bunny paddle (a respectable weight of pine plywood with a business side and a fur side) turns out to be very controllable and ideally suited to warming neglected spots on an already-warm bottom. Eventually a nice uniform glowing red was achieved. Alas there are no pictures, because we…um…got distracted.

Tawse Spanking Picture…Authorized

I spoke previously of the pretty marks the tawse left on Bethie’s lovely bottom. Now I’ve finally convinced her, so here they are:

marks from Bethie's tawse spanking

And now it’s nearly time for her bath brush spanking….

Too Busy Spanking To Blog

Bethie is indeed a treasure. Today we cleared all the entries in her little black book with a vigorous tawse spanking. Do you know, a good tawse makes the most beautiful finger-shaped red marks on the thighs? Sorry, no pictures are authorized…yet. Bethie sez: “More experimentation needed.” (She’s not happy with the distribution of the marks, or something. I guess I’ll have to keep trying until I get it right…sigh.)

And speaking of impressive marks, here’s a pretty handprint from a new women-in-prison site: Caged Tushy. The picture comes from this gallery; but don’t miss the sample movies (featuring cute young things with baaad attitudes) here either.

prison spanking handprint

Kool-Aid Spanking Spoon: It Really Works!

Long-time readers will remember my Kool-Aid spanking spoon. Now I’ve finally had a chance to try it out. It leaves a little round mark, but no smiley face. Survey says: “Very stingy! Ow! Ow! Ow!”

On the bright side, it seems to have convinced her to stop suggesting I spank myself….

The Freedom of Dominance

For the folks (often women) who wonder “what’s in all this for the guys?” here’s an article from Taken In Hand called “What’s in it for the man? Freedom!” After eloquently pointing out how liberating it is for a man to feel “in charge” in a relationship, the article makes the following excellent point:

Lady readers: don’t underestimate the importance of making a man feel accepted and appreciated. If you want your partner to change, you’re not accepting him for what he is. When my girlfriend J looked me in the eye and agreed to obey my decisions, I felt ten feet tall. I felt deeply peaceful, with something of a high. For the first time in my life, someone was accepting and appreciating me for the man that I am, for being a man, giving me the freedom to make the decisions I want to make.

That J trusts me with this level of decision-making makes me feel fantastic. I feel a sense of gratitude for this level of trust. Other men are shackled and constrained by their partners’ demands; I am truly free. I have a woman whose trust in me and belief in me is absolute. I have a woman who loves me enough to have set me free.

What more could any man ask for?

It’s an amazing feeling, to have someone value your wants and needs simply because they are your wants and needs, instead of valuing only that subset of your wants and needs that happens to mesh perfectly with her own. The love and appreciation that makes me feel is impossible to describe.

Bored of Education

She was bored, all right. But now she’s getting unbored in a hurry:

schoolgirl gets a hard paddle spanking for failure to study

And she’s so very sorry after:

crying schoolgirl after her paddle spanking

This tearfully penitent schoolgirl is courtesy of Girls Boarding School.

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Ash Likes Her Spankings

Ash from Waiting For The Pain [link died and was removed] says she needs a spanking. I’m sure her BD will oblige her:

I think I need a good spanking. BD always gives really good spankings, putting me over his knee.

He warms me up slowly, moving his hand all over my ass and legs, putting a warm pink glow all over. He will increase the speed and intensity, bringing me close to not being able to stand it, but then backs off, letting me catch my breath. He’ll then begin again, smacking my bare ass, making me moan with the mingling of pain and pleasure.

He usually grabs my hair with one hand, holding my head steady, while spanking me with the other. He’ll also stick a couple fingers in my cunt to see how wet I am getting.

When he’s close to finished, he will tell me to choose a number between 1 and 20. I then get the difference between that my number and his number in final strokes.

After we are finished, I often kneel and kiss his feet, thanking him for my spanking, before proceeding to show him my full appreciation with my mouth and tongue. It such a nice feeling to have a hot red ass resting back on my heels while sucking his cock.

Lovely Spanked Bottom

Whose bottom is it? Go see. Yummy!

Elaborate Caning Furniture

I’m not sure what functionality all this fancy furniture brings to the caning enterprise, but it does put her in a most fetching posture:

pretty posture for a caning

Still, doesn’t it seem that her temptation to flail those legs about would be pretty strong?


I was accused of arrogance yesterday. A case, I’m thinking, of the pot calling the kettle black.

My mind boggles at the hubris it must require to post something to the internet and then expect to control inbound links. It’s as if a pretty girl stood naked in the middle of a public street and then demanded that no one look at her nudity without first obtaining her permission.

Such a girl should understand: she gave her permission when she took off her clothes.

Imagine you were standing in the appreciative crowd, and the pretty girl singled you out. Imagine she pointed and said: “You! I don’t like you! You’re rather tasteless, and I must request that you cover your eyes at once lest your viewing demean my artfully nude performance! Your crude gaze defiles the beauty I so freely share with all these others!”

Would you comply? Or would your jaw drop in amazement that anyone could seriously think it was a reasonable request?

Color me amazed.

Blonde’s Best Behavior

Since marrying her master just before Christmas (congratulations!), blonde has been getting even more eager to please than ever. She writes:

When he threw the pillow on the cold tile for me to kneel on, i knew immediately what he wanted, and it wasn’t a morning chat. After i knelt, He pulled me to him to kiss my face and no sooner than his lips grazed my cheek was i immediately at my task, head bent between his legs.

It seems she got a harsh caning as part of her master’s scheme to make her a more attentive slave:

Needless to say, my pleasing behavior this morning was definitely motivated by meeting the bruising whoosh of a cane. i prefer the erotic tappity tap of the cane so therefore, i’m in good girl mode, possibly forever.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part! She posted an absolutely lovely picture of the “reward” she got on Christmas morning:

blonde's pretty caned bottom

If this is the result of “erotic tappity tap”, no wonder the caning she describes as harsh has put her in permanent good girl mode!

Spanking And Clover Clamps

Mike and Michelle are blogging again after a long semi-holiday. And spanking again, too:

Chelle ended up with my hand in her hair, pulling her over to the computer desk, bent over, pants down round her ankles. My hand stayed there while I brought the other down on her exposed backside, slowly, and hard, over and over.

We didn’t keep count – it wasn’t about a set – it was about me extracting what I wanted. So I kept spanking her untill her ass was bright red. She was quirming quite a bit by then. I laid my hand between her legs,, and gave her permission to rub her wet cunt against it. She did, leaving me with a slick palm. That earned her a few unexpected slaps ‘tween her legs.

After that, they moved on to the bondage and the clover clamps. Yummy fun.

Spanked Hobby Horse

From artist Trevor Brown comes this delectable hobby horse, who has been rode hard and not yet put away:


Dominatrix Audrey Leigh Gets Tied & Flogged

From the December 10 update at Hogtied comes this assertion that Trinity (the only dominant woman on my blogroll, that I know of) might not approve of:

There is nothing sexier than listening to a Dominatrix beg and plead to be let loose from the tight bondage, as she promises you anything you want. No greater turn on than to hear her sounds of pain as the flogger finds her pussy. No greater pleasure than to hear her grunt out a forced orgasm, and beg for you to stop, as you vibrate her pussy beyond her ability to keep control. This is the good life.

A picture of the good life, including some interesting face bondage:

dominatrix Audrey Leigh in face bondage

“And On The Twelfth Day of Christmas….”

The Boss finally finished delivering all of Invidia’s presents. (1.5.04 entry). Not without some entertaining wheedling from her; I especially liked “But it’s a blog, sweetie. We don’t really have to do it. The folks online will never know. We could just fake the whole thing.” (1.4.04 entry).

Of course, it’s never enough for our beloved Invidia. On day 11, after 66 holiday spanks, she got in trouble and got another 66 with the riding crop. Something about “silent animosity” – never a good thing to offer the man with a closet full of spanking toys!

All in all, the project sounds to me like it has the makings of a long-running holiday tradition.

BDSM Blogger Gathering

Word comes from Debra:

I’ll be hosting a blogging/journaling gathering at next weekend’s Fetish Fair Fleamarket in Boston, and it might well be the first community gathering for of its kind. Sure, there’ve been meetups for bloggers and conferences for journalers, but I don’t think there’s been a gathering specifically for us leather/BDSM folks. If you’re planning on being at the flea, please stop by.

I can’t make it to Boston, but it sounds like big fun!

Gallery of Movie Spankings

Ok, that last post inspired me to pull together a gallery of all the movie spanking scenes and promotional stills I’ve posted to Spanking Blog. Check it out: Spanking Scenes From The Movies.

John Wayne The Spanker

Sorry to be so picture-heavy lately, it’s the lazy man’s way of blogging when life is busy and complex. What with the holidays just past, and me being all excited about Bethie coming to visit soon, I just haven’t had the time to trawl for textual spanking goodies lately. So here’s another shot of the ultimate Alpha Male giving a spanking, to go with the screenshot I posted months ago:

production still from McClintock showing John Wayne Spanking Maureen O'Hara

It’s enough to make a man want to run right out and buy one of those little metal coal-and-ash shovels.

Schoolgirl Punishments

I’ve got a lot of spanking photos and illustrations on my hard drive, mostly usenet downloads from alt. binaries. pictures. erotica. spanking and the like. I was rummaging through them lately and found this excellent pair of contrite schoolgirls:

schoolgirls punished and contrite

Ready For That Bath Brush Spanking

The bath brushes arrived today. Along with several other goodies Bethie apparently doesn’t want to have to explain to the TSA (“Taking Scissors Away”) droolers at the airport.

Most impressive is a painted wooded paddle that’s been (very lightly) carved from a standard piece of kiln-dried pine 1×4 lumber. Impressive heft, nice balance, and it makes an astounding noise against the palm of my hand.

The bath brushes are longer and lighter than the infamous Vermont Country Store model, but they are nonetheless sufficient unto their appointed task. One is round, one is oval. Preliminary effectiveness testing will be required in order to decide which one to use for the promised bath brush spanking.

Whipping Up A Good Time

This illustration of enforced intimacies comes from a set of illustrations by Albert Debout of scenes from the work of the Marquis De Sade:

giving a blowjob while whipped from behind

Thanks to Bondage Blog.

A Spanking Scene Imagined

Cerrynn{M} shares “A Scene Imagined For 2004“:

[excerpt removed at the request of the author]

Yet Another Movie Spanking

Here’s a production still from “Holiday For Lovers” from 20th Century Fox.

spanking scene from Holiday For Lovers movie

Looks promising; anybody seen it?

“Every Girl Likes To Be Spanked”

Here’s an amusing spanking story:

“Say that again?”

Joey smiled even more broadly and repeated himself very slowly, as if to a child in a remedial sex-ed class. “Every… girl… likes… to… be… spanked,” he said, and he leaned back in his chair as if exhausted after granting me this wisdom.

“Every girl? No matter what?”


“And you’ve been divorced how many times?”

“Three. What’s that got to do with anything? Look, you asked me how to spice up your love life, that’s my advice. Whap her a good one on the rump and see if she don’t gallop.”

From “Addicted To Smack” (found at Hoot Island).

Happy New Year!

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who sees this for helping make 2003 a good year and (I’m thinkin’) 2004 a better one. Since starting this blog and getting a little bit involved with the online spanko community (Hello, all you friends from Classics!) I’ve been blessed with many more wonderful new friends and acquaintances than I ever would have thought possible. Thank you all!

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