Blonde’s Best Behavior

Since marrying her master just before Christmas (congratulations!), blonde has been getting even more eager to please than ever. She writes:

When he threw the pillow on the cold tile for me to kneel on, i knew immediately what he wanted, and it wasn’t a morning chat. After i knelt, He pulled me to him to kiss my face and no sooner than his lips grazed my cheek was i immediately at my task, head bent between his legs.

It seems she got a harsh caning as part of her master’s scheme to make her a more attentive slave:

Needless to say, my pleasing behavior this morning was definitely motivated by meeting the bruising whoosh of a cane. i prefer the erotic tappity tap of the cane so therefore, i’m in good girl mode, possibly forever.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part! She posted an absolutely lovely picture of the “reward” she got on Christmas morning:

blonde's pretty caned bottom

If this is the result of “erotic tappity tap”, no wonder the caning she describes as harsh has put her in permanent good girl mode!

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