Ash Likes Her Spankings

Ash from Waiting For The Pain [link died and was removed] says she needs a spanking. I’m sure her BD will oblige her:

I think I need a good spanking. BD always gives really good spankings, putting me over his knee.

He warms me up slowly, moving his hand all over my ass and legs, putting a warm pink glow all over. He will increase the speed and intensity, bringing me close to not being able to stand it, but then backs off, letting me catch my breath. He’ll then begin again, smacking my bare ass, making me moan with the mingling of pain and pleasure.

He usually grabs my hair with one hand, holding my head steady, while spanking me with the other. He’ll also stick a couple fingers in my cunt to see how wet I am getting.

When he’s close to finished, he will tell me to choose a number between 1 and 20. I then get the difference between that my number and his number in final strokes.

After we are finished, I often kneel and kiss his feet, thanking him for my spanking, before proceeding to show him my full appreciation with my mouth and tongue. It such a nice feeling to have a hot red ass resting back on my heels while sucking his cock.

  1. BratScorcher commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Very sexy story. Its always nice to encounter a brat who knows she must always show her appreciation to her Master via a Gratitude Blowjob.

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