A “Sex Pervert” Takes Her Revenge

In this admittedly over-the-top but to my eyes hilarious scene from the end of Prison Horror Story 4 by Predondo, one of the villainesses awakens in her own dungeon, strapped to a bench with her ass in the air and one of her former victims looming over her with a huge spanking paddle in hand, wearing a not-at-all small strap-on dildo. The former queen of the dungeon is a little bit slow on the uptake: “You’ll be sorry for this, bitch!” Oh, my. Somebody will be sorry and she might even be somebody bitchy, but it’s not going to be the bitchy person you think it is, Mistress:

dungeon dominatrix wakes up strapped to the revenge fuck spanking bench

Matters proceed very much as you might then expect.

spanking her ass while forcing a huge dildo down her throat

Mistress, your stinging butt problems are going to get rather a lot worse before they begin to get even a little bit better:

lesbian bondage spanking

From Dofantasy.

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