Anal Under The Crop

There are a few things that a good girl may be reluctant to do, especially if she’s shy and had a conservative upbringing. But a few brisk whacks with a riding crop can create a powerful incentive!

after he spanks her pussy several times with his riding crop, he slowly works his cock up her ass while she reluctantly submits to his anal sex ambitions

Photo is from Maria Bellucci Submits, which is a Sex And Submission shoot at from back in 2008.

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Deep Throat Training: Spanked Breasts Edition

They’ve been playing together for a couple of months now. She loves breast spanking (and every other kind, to be honest), while being tightly tied up in good rope bondage always makes her feel safe and well-tended. Deep throat blowjobs, on the other hand, are on her soft-limits list: not an absolute no, these are limits she’s consented to have him push, but so far they haven’t gone there. That all changes tonight:

submissive in rope bondage getting her tits spanked with a leather strap during her deep throat blowjob training session

From this 2008 Sex And Submission shoot, via Kink Prime.

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Lexi’s Favorite Spanking Uncle

We’re not quite sure why Lexi’s step-uncle Stirling is her favorite uncle, but there’s really not a lot of mystery why she’s his favorite niece:

lexi lore sucks cock while showing us a flaming red spanked bottom

Of course, that doesn’t mean Uncle Stirling won’t redden Lexi’s bottom when she needs it, obviously.

Photo is from Lexi’s Favorite Uncle, a recently-remastered Sex And Submission shoot via Kink Unlimited.

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His Whip Encourages Her To Suck His Cock

Jasmine Byrne balks and refuses to open her mouth to suck Mr. Marcus

Way back in 2005 (but still available via Kink Unlimited) the Sex And Submission site shot a hot and heavy BDSM tryst between Mr. Marcus And Jasmine Byrne. The entire theme was how Jasmine would refuse his commands until his ropes, his massive strength, and his vicious little whip would compel her sexual capitulation. This was an educational process for Jasmine. At the beginning, as we see above, she compressed her lips in a tight line of stubborn refusal. You know what happens next:

whipping the reluctant girl who refused to open her mouth for a deep throat blowjob

whipped hard for blowjob refusal

Isn’t it amazing how a few minutes of brisk whipping can completely change a girl’s attitude? In this final photo, Jasmine’s mouth is obediently open, and Mr. Marcus had laid aside the whip:

after her whipping Jasmine reluctantly sucks the big black cock

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Spanked During A Grudge Fuck

As the story goes (and remember these are all fantasies), Juliette March was trying to throw out her boyfriend when she ended up hitting him. Then they got in a physical alteration, and before she knew it, they were having one final grudge fuck. But somewhere in there, she also got her bottom spanked pretty vigorously:

spanking and grudge fucking

Photo courtesy of Sex And Submission, via Kink Unlimited.

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Caning London River

London River knows she has a hard caning coming, and I don’t think she’s happy about it:

grumpy London River holds cane in her mouth

But it does not matter. Her master is both cruel and implacable!

london river caned

The fun part is when he uses the cane on her, to insist that she “enjoy” an anal masturbation session with an utterly massive steel dildo that looks like the njoy Eleven

Photos are from the London River Earns The Cane session at Sex And Submission, which is a Kink Unlimited channel.

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Spanking Cadence Lux With A Riding Crop

When you’re a Bad Tenant, behind on your rent and no way to pay it, trying to steal cash from your landlord is probably a poor idea. Certainly, it’s not working out well for Cadence Lux today:

spanking Cadence Lux with a riding crop

Photo is from a Sex And Submission shoot for members of Kink Unlimited.

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