The Promise Of A Whipping

In the book Jewel, by F.E. Campbell, our heroine has been kidnapped by a dissolute nobleman who has a very convenient dungeon under his mansion. She’s in love with him, but not at all on board with his sadistic schemes for her. And now he’s explaining his intention to give her a whipping:

“You’d actually whip me, your little Jewel?”

“Yes. I intend to.”

The chains on my ankles and wrists were suddenly heavy, their metal bands tight. They were there upon me for a purpose, not just whimsey. I looked at the man who had put them there. I made it as pathetic as I could. “But darling, why?”

Vivian dropped some of the insouciance. “Darling, I wish I could make you understand. The whip would do the job better than I can. But let me try.” He looked across the table at me, seriously and with love. The way you do when saying goodbye to someone going far, far away.

His grin was an apology for what he would say.

“Every man desires his own slave girl.” He said it as though thinking aloud. “I’m going to make you mine. I’ll probably have to whip you a great deal.”

“I don’t want to be a slave girl.”

“That’s where the whip comes in. There doesn’t seem to be any other way.” He sounded genuinely sorry.

“I’m jolly well not going to be whipped to satisfy some silly fantasy you’re carrying around in your mind!”

“Feel your chains,” Vivian said somberly.

I could feel them. It was almost as though they burnt my skin. I shrugged resignedly. After all, he was still my darling Viv. “I’ll obey you in anything, dearest. There’s no need to whip me.” I was still dealing in reason.

Pain flitted across his features. “I’m sorry, Jewel. It isn’t that simple.”

“Alright then,” I said crisply. “It will give you joy to whip the naked body of a girl who loves you. When do I get whipped?”

“After lunch.”

The two mundane words were more frightening than a threat. They left me no doubt. When our meal was done he would dispose me as it might please him and mark me with a whip.

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  1. Endorph commented on January 24th, 2024:

    Still have a bunch of FE Campbell books. Jewel is “HIT120”; pretty sure it came out around 1981-82ish. I’ve got most of the titles after HIT88 and a handful of the earlier ones…

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