Motivated Pony Girl, But How?

This old cart-racing pony girl illustration from Kitan Club poses a bit of a motivational mystery. Normally, it’s difficult to get this level of high-stepping maximum-effort athleticism out of one’s human pony without a whip in hand, but the fierce-looking domme here has chosen to keep both hands for the reins. But without a driving whip, what drives the pony?

street racing scene with a high-stepping nude ponygirl running as fast and as hard as she can despite no whip in sight

Perhaps it’s enough to assume that the girl in the traces already has a keen appreciation for the flavor of her mistress’s disappointment. Which is a nice way of saying she understands all the way to her fingernails and toenails how long and slow and painfully she’ll be whipped back in the stables if she’s not victorious in this race.

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