Her After-Dinner Punishment

This digital artifact from an ancient directory has no accompanying information beyond what we see. It appears that in the spring of 2008, an hour or two after dinnertime, our dark-haired heroine found herself stripped, bound hand and foot with a leather belt and some rope, and stretched across one of those couches that folds out into a bed. History does not record whether it was misbehavior, magisterial whim, or pure enthusiastic lust (either sadistic or masochistic) that thrust her into this situation in a room at least two decades overdue for redecorating. Whatever the reason, she then received a moderate thrashing with a makeshift cane fashioned perhaps from a tree branch. It was common in those times for couples to reinforce their arousal by sharing scenes from their kinky trysts on a variety of so-called “amateur” forums, so perhaps that’s what happened here:

amateur caning scene

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