Orientalist Punishments By Gottfried Sieben

Long ago in 2005 I published a much smaller version of this orientalist bastinado scene, which I imagined to be some sort of Turkish judicial punishment fantasy:

ottoman torture of prisoners in the balkans

Although I did not know it at the time, the artist is Gottfried Seiben, also known as the “Archibald Smith” responsible for the luridly-pornographic anti-Ottoman propaganda series Balkangreuel.

Gottfried seems also to have painted another series called Sultanslaunen (Sultan’s Whim, perhaps?) of which I only have a few examples from a presumed-larger set. It features heavy punishments under the supervision of a cruel sultan and his minions:

suspended for a naked whipping in front of a cruel sultan

For completeness only I will also link (but not display inline, as a matter of editorial compassion) a companion image to the above. There’s blood on the furniture in the scene (by implication, from the person being whipped) so view it at your own peril, or — my advice — don’t.

And finally, I have this lower-quality whipping bench scene that very much appears as if it might be part of the same portfolio:

punished in front of the sultan on a spanking bench

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