A Game Of Spanking Twister

Playing twister in the nude can be fun. Playing naked twister with a leather paddle and mandatory spanking forfeits? That, my friends, is next-level entertainment! Let the games begin:

four naked girls playing twister

naked twister with teen brandi and teen jessica and friends

Uh, oh, somebody fell, and has paid the price:

spanked loser at the naked twister game

Winner of the first round gets to spank the rest:

spanking twister punishments

teen jessica prepares to spank twister players

teen jessica spanks her friends

more nude twister spanking

Jessica wins at spanking twister!

Teen Jessica is the winner of the naked spanking twister game

These photos are from the Real Spankings studios; I think we first saw them about twenty years ago on the Spanking Teen Brandi and Spanking Teen Jessica sites.

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