Spanking An Air Hostess

This vintage photograph of a playful husband-and-wife spanking scene is in a lot of stock photo databases, but it’s rarely credited in any way. When I saw the spanking dude’s delighted expression, I knew I would need to track down some context. The posed wife spankings from old black and white movies were usually delivered with a display of anger, and that’s not at all what’s happening here:

stewardess spanking scene of a spanked wife

Sure enough, this photo comes from the 1933 (pre-code, and thus surprisingly sexy) B movie Air Hostess, starring James Murray and Evelyn Knapp. One review tells us the spanking scene is “clearly foreplay” while another describes the scene thusly: “Ted playfully spanks Kitty, making her laugh and giggle before a passionate embrace….”

Of possible interest to the digital collectors among you, I was able to find a ridiculously hi-res scan of the photo.

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  2. Richard Windsor commented on June 3rd, 2022:

    That is an awesome find!! It is so detailed that you can almost decipher the material of the clothing that they are wearing. I will download and save this to peruse in depth later on ;)

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