Birched In Front Of The Fireplace

The maid is in need of a good birching. Again. You would think she’d learn, but no…

servant birched

Photo is part of a set, I know, because I found one similar photo from slightly later in the same birching scene. (Her panties are all the way down in this one.) I’m pretty sure these are from a vintage spanking magazine, but I don’t know which one. [Update: thanks to commenter Mark for identifying the source as Blushes Supplement #20.]

birching scene

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  1. Mark commented on March 14th, 2022:


    I spent a fair bit of time searching as I recognised the set. I can happily say the set of images come from Blushes Supplement number 20 and there are a fair few more images. There was also another set featuring the same ladies in Blushes number 33.

    They are both available on the Janusworldwide website for £4 each or I’m happy to share if that is something you would be interested in :)

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