Pecker In One Hand, Cane In The Other

spanked bottom lined up for bondage sex

So there he was. He had his pretty woman all tied up, a curvy thing with a nice cushy bottom. He’d already delivered a few brisk friendly hand-spanking slaps. Call it foreplay, if you will. Just enough to leave some pretty finger marks. He was poised behind her, trying to decide which tempting orifice to plunder first, when the thought must have crossed his mind: “No, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. What this ass needs is a good caning!”

caning a spanked ass with his cock in his hand

A completely normal and rational response to the situation, one which any committed spanko can understand. And that’s how we come to find our libidinous hero standing in his dungeon playroom, his cane in one hand and his pecker in the other.

cane in one hand, dick in the other

Our doughty dicksman clearly understands the value of gratification delayed, plus I think it’s fair to assert that he’s an artist. His pause to record this well-painted canvas is appreciated by all:

caned and spanked bottom

Never let it be thought, though, that gratification delayed is gratification forwent. In due time, our man has his fun.

Photos are from The Beautiful Slut at Kink Unlimited.

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