Secured For A Tawsing

The tawse is pretty intense, especially if it’s applied with vim and vigor and persistence. Our man must be a fan of those dynamic virtues, because he’s got this tawsing customer strapped down pretty thoroughly:

lots of leather strap bondage for this vigorous and painful tawsing

The “SimplySmut” watermark is probably the gif-maker’s, which doesn’t tell us much about who made the original video. Leave a comment if you recognize it!

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  1. FrankN.Stein commented on October 15th, 2021:

    the wiggling is So hot.

  2. Joe commented on October 17th, 2021:

    I’m not sure where it’s from, although it seems there are not too many clips with someone fully strapped to the bench.

    I kind of like these gifs. Even though gifs are relatively low quality, there is something about the simple short animation. I’ve been making a bunch recently, it’s kind of fun trying to find good scenes and then make good gifs.

  3. Archie commented on December 26th, 2021:

    Over 2 months on but it is Jenna Jay from the Triple A Spanking video Daddy’s Ransom Video

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