Secured For A Tawsing

The tawse is pretty intense, especially if it’s applied with vim and vigor and persistence. Our man must be a fan of those dynamic virtues, because he’s got this tawsing customer strapped down pretty thoroughly:

lots of leather strap bondage for this vigorous and painful tawsing

The “SimplySmut” watermark is probably the gif-maker’s, which doesn’t tell us much about who made the original video. Leave a comment if you recognize it!

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  1. FrankN.Stein commented on October 15th, 2021:

    the wiggling is So hot.

  2. Joe commented on October 17th, 2021:

    I’m not sure where it’s from, although it seems there are not too many clips with someone fully strapped to the bench.

    I kind of like these gifs. Even though gifs are relatively low quality, there is something about the simple short animation. I’ve been making a bunch recently, it’s kind of fun trying to find good scenes and then make good gifs.

  3. Archie commented on December 26th, 2021:

    Over 2 months on but it is Jenna Jay from the Triple A Spanking video Daddy’s Ransom Video

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"...the girls are strapped to the bare military metal beds in an extreme position, with their feet by their heads, spread wide, so their butts, pussies and anuses are fully accessible..."