Returned, In Tears, To The King

Everybody knew that, in his time as a feckless prince, the new king had spent virtually all his time wenching, and tormenting women of low status in the cellars under the castle. But the old king his father always kept him on a bit of a leash. In those days, the prince always paid his victims in good gold and let them leave at dawn, even if perhaps they never dared say no outright. But now, the old man is gone, and the young king has taken to keeping whatever pretty maids catch his eye as virtual slaves in his bedchambers and pleasure dungeons. This one ran away, but she couldn’t outrun the royal cavalry. And now she’s being returned to face the despot’s terrible wrath:

whipped through the woods by knights

Artist is Gesperax.

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How It Started And How It's Going, The Movie:

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before and after brutal caning photo
"...thirty vicious cane strokes for each delinquent young woman caught drinking on school grounds..."