Spanking Swats During Casual Sex

A thing not unheard of among the fans of any sexual fetish is the phenomenon of escalation. It’s perhaps akin to the buildup of tolerance for an enjoyable drug; over time, the dose that once seemed spectacularly sufficient begins to pale. So the user takes a bigger dose, chasing the original joy. Kinksters can be the same way. What we did last week was fun, but maybe this week, we up the intensity? More gear, more rigamarole, more fun, right?

anal sex and hard swats

Escalation like this surely does happen, and it need not necessarily be a problem. Sure, over enough years you end up needing two big walk-in closets just to store all the paddles and bondage straps and shiny restraints that jingle and clank. But hell, you could say much the same about fishing or golf, right?

hair pulling and anal sex with spanking swats

One slight possible downside is that the harder you want to play, the better you need to know your play partner. After a certain point, “casual hookup” just isn’t practical, because your new inamorata probably won’t wear the entire pony suit (plus the blinders!) on the first date.

one swat during casual sex

I say all this by way of admitting that it’s the same with running a spanking blog for (checks notes, gulps) seventeen years. I’m always looking for novelty in the stuff that I post, and one way to find it is to find spanking porn that’s more severe than the stuff I posted yesterday, last week, or last year.

happy to be spanked during sex

Again, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this. But it tends to obscure just how popular casual spanking can be. There’s a lot of “some fun casual swats” in life and in porn, but less of them visible here on this blog. Because I tend to think “huh, that’s barely spanking” — which is absolutely a function of my jadedness. I watch out for this tendency and try not to let it rule all my content choices, but it keeps creeping back in.

handprints on her ass during doggystyle sex

I’m not talking so much about genuine one swat wonders here. There’s always that guy who hauls off and delivers a single smack that doesn’t mean anything or go anywhere. But we spankos tend to start with the notion of “a spanking — you’re totally getting a spanking now.” Before we notice, it’s turned into a whole ritual.

spanked girl cowgirl

It’s easy to forget that in porn and from anecdotal evidence, there are a lot of people who enjoy vigorous spanking as a sensation enhancer during sex, but who don’t necessarily consider themselves to have a particular spanking fetish. Even your casual hookup from the free Fuckbook app may be into that kind of spanking. They may enjoy spanking without having any conception of themselves as someone who’ll ever “get a spanking”, if that makes sense. Of course you’ll still want to ask first, but it’s not gonna be quite as complicated as convincing your one-time-fling to let you tie her to your spanking bench.

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