Selen’s Angry Lover

Because these photos come from a badly-scanned 1995 Italian porn magazine called Tilt Pocket, I don’t know much about them except that the lady is called Selen, and that her angry lover seems to be taking his pique out on her with a riding crop:

angry lover tit spanking

jodhpurs riding crop spanking

she grabs the crop

angry lover beats her bare bottom with riding crop

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  1. Fr. commented on November 22nd, 2019:

    She’s grabbing the riding crop??? What’s the punishment for THAT???

  2. RC commented on December 7th, 2019:

    There is something about women’s riding slacks that make them look provocatively snug-fitting in the crotch area. Maybe the way they are cut is done to remove seams in the fabric so a girl doesn’t get friction down there from cloth going back-and-forth from a long ride in the saddle.

    I am not surprised the guy had to act after watching her for a while.

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