Friendly Rattan Canes

Another caning report from the long-lost but not forgotten Kinky Bits blog:

Rattan is your friend.

My ass is purple and blue and black and sore. This is probably due to the fun i had last night. :)

One of my most beautiful friends caned me, after Sir had tied me up in a full body japanese rope harness. We thought it would be fun to recreate parts of the Midori book, and the caning seemed to be a natural progression.

And boy, was it ever GOOD. Again, just like the last caning Sir gave me, i didn’t crash hard afterwards, and i spent a good deal of time in the place. You know, the place.

The place where as hard as your Top is hitting you, it feels like you could take more. And you want more. Harder, faster, harder, HARDER, HARDER. Until you realize that you’re taking so very much and you’re flying and the words that are coming from your mouth don’t make any sense any more. You’re mumbling about how good it feels and oh fuck yeah and please hit me harder, ma’am and oh god oh god oh god. You’re raising your ass in the air to meet the cane, writhing and clutching at the ground and grinding your teeth and wondering if it would be possible for something to hurt more or feel any better.


Excuse me while i try to calm down. *deep breath* Anyways, it was wonderful.

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