The Smacked Wife Letters

These two letters appeared in 1910 in Photo Bits magazine. It’s hard to know entirely what to make of them, but the most likely interpretation I can put on this first letter is that it tells us about a spanko couple that didn’t have a vocabulary for the game they were playing:

I quite agree with your correspondent that it is hard that a girl should be called immodest because she happens to reveal her lingerie accidentally.

Unfortunately, however, my husband does not share my views, and if he detects the slightest glimpse of lace displayed, he administers a severe spanking. What makes it all the harder is that my husband is very particular about my lingerie, which he always selects himself, and insists that I wear knickers and petticoats trimmed with daintiest lace. As he also insists that I wear the shortest possible skirts, it is sometimes very difficult to avoid the forbidden display.

— “SMACKED WIFE” (Photo Bits, 10th November, 1910)

This next letter, I think, hints at a correspondent who has a much better understanding of the game that’s being played:

I was much interested in the husband who spanks his wife for any provocative display of her lingerie. This seems a highly approppiate punishment, yet I guarantee that his severity does not have much effect in preventing the lacy exhibition. Are these displays made in the husband’s absence, or are they made to provoke him?

Is this the only reason for which she is spanked, or is it her husband’s regular discipline? Are the short skirts to facilitate her spanking?

— J. B. (Photo Bits, 21st December, 1910).

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