Ruler Spanked Granny-Panties-Wearing Nun

Previously on Spanking Blog we met nuns with serious ruler kung-fu, able to swing two rulers at once and spank two different deserving bottoms simultaneously. Naughty schoolgirls, it turns out, aren’t the only “beneficiaries” of these vicious ruler spanking skills. Young sisters who lust after other nuns? They totally get ruler spanked too:

ruler spanked nun wearing granny panties

Photo credit: this nun punishment movie from Blue Productions.

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  1. Fr. commented on January 14th, 2019:

    Dunno how I missed this before, but I love this pic.

    Still, allow me to push my taped-up nerd glasses up the bridge of my nose and be pedantic for a moment:

    Are those really granny panties? Aren’t granny panties usually full-cut, high-waisted briefs? These look like hipsters or something.

    And yet…

    Boring panties, yes, but for a scene like this, the boring-ness lends it authenticity. (This poor dame didn’t intend to be seen in her underwear today…)

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