Roundly Beaten With Long-Stemmed Roses

This scoundrel attacked the wrong young lady at the train station, and paid the full and painful price:

a beating with roses

This attractive painting is from La Domenica Del Corriere, and the caption in Italian reads (modulo any transcription errors I may have made):

Sconfitto dalle rose. Presso la stazione di Torino – Lingotto, lungo un solitario sentiero, la signorina Guida Concetta Rinino, di 28 anni, che stava recandosi da una parente con un bel mazzo di rosi, e stata aggredita da un giovane sconosciuto. La ragazza, anziche perdersi d’animo, si e defesa con straordinaria energia, usando il mazzo di flore come arma. Fatto si e che il mascalzone, con la faccia tuta graffiata, ha dovuto darsi alla fuga.

Which means, per Google translate with a little cleanup and a few assumptions by me, something like:

Defeated by Roses

At the Turin – Lingotto station, along a lonely path, Miss Guida Concetta Rinino, 28, who was going to visit one of her parents with a bunch of roses, was attacked by a young stranger. The girl, instead of losing her mind, defended herself with extraordinary energy, using the bunch of flowers as a weapon. And so it was that the scoundrel, with his torn suit and scratched face, had to make his escape.

To which all I can add is “good work!”

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