Spanking Revenge On Four Blackmailing Lesbians

In this final excerpt from The Metamorphosis of Lisette Joyaux, our heroine and her husband Jacque (with help from their stalwart housekeeper) have outmaneuvered and overpowered the four sadistic women who were blackmailing Lisette into painful lesbian spanking liaisons. Jacque declares that Lisette must now punish them severely, and she’s delighted to undertake the task:

Lisette gasped in childlike delight to find herself at last in charge of these women. Going to the panoply on the wall, she selected a broad thick black leather strap, and decided to begin with Janine. The brunette, with a cry of alarm, writhed painfully on the sawhorse, her tenderest parts chafed by the infernal ridge.

“Ohh no!” she moaned, “Oh, have mercy on me – not with that horrid strap, you will hurt me too much!”

“Not so much as you would have hurt me just now,” said Lisette honestly, “and it’s going to be nothing compared to the worst hurt of all: your trying to make me give up my adored Jacques!”

Lisette, eyes glowing, round young breasts swelling gloriously against the clinging negligee, raised the strap and brought it down with a sinister Crack! across the broadest curves of Janine’s writhing naked bottom. “Eouuuwww! Ohh, mignonne, pity, I can’t bear it! Oh, have mercy!” Janine cried frantically. Now Madame Sancercy selected a birch, and stepping towards the whipping bench, began Paulette Renaud’s atonement with a slashing, dextrous cut over the tops of her hips. At once a wild cry of pain arose and Paulette’s naked, lithe body jerked convulsively against her bonds.

Jacques watched, his eyes glittering at the lubricious, impassioned scene before him. Lisette, panting with exertion, flailed Janine’s behind till the brunette lesbian nearly fainted in agony. Her spasmodic twisting over the horse irritated the soft nook of her cunt, and she constantly implored Lisette for mercy. ‘Oh, Dieu, it’s too much! Ahrr-ohh, whip me if you must, but please, take me down from this infernal horse! You’re tearing me raw- But Lisette ignored her pleas.

Paulette received her fair share, too. Madame Sancercy cast aside the frayed birch after some thirty cuts. Now the redhead’s writhing buttocks welted redly.

Then the housekeeper seized a riding crop and approached the St. Andrew’s cross, at which Suzanne, pressing her trembling naked body against the harsh wood, feverishly and tearfully begged for mercy. But thirty more lashes left her bottom blazing with weals. She sagged, half-swooning, from her shackles.

Lisette, who had came to Jacques for encouragement and a tender kiss, now regained her second wind. Taking one of the birch rods soaking in the bucket of brine, she strode towards the whipping stool over which Madeleine was bound. She began with a swishing cut as the withers leaped round the naked victim’s hips and drew a shriek of torment accompanied by the most lascivious wrigglings. Jacques observed that his young bride was deriving erotic pleasure from this active participation. He smiled knowingly to himself. When at last Lisette stopped, out of breath, the birch was frayed and Madeleine’s naked behind and upper thighs were vividly striated.

Finally it was Lucette’s turn. By now, the chauffeur, horrified at the sounds of the preceding four punishments, was struggling to free herself. But Lisette lowered the boyish lesbian’s breeches, nevertheless, exposing her taut bottom and legs. Madame Sancercy then took a long-handled bath brush and began to spank those trim naked globes with vehement, sonorous smacks that soon had Lucette humbly and tearfully begging for mercy like the others.

But Madame Sancercy merely reversed the brush and gave another twenty spanks with the harsh, bristled side. Hysterically, Lucette disregarded her Sapphic penchant and shamelessly offered herself to Jacques if only he would halt the thrashing. His reply was annihilating.

“Madame Sancercy,” he commanded, “show that shameless bitch how little I think of her charms by rubbing the bristles against the very place she wished to invite me!”

And the housekeeper, despite Lucette’s wild cries and supplications, vindictively scraped the stiff bristles of the brush back and forth over Lucette’s agonised cunt.

“Now that justice has been served, I leave you all,” Jacques said as he lit a final cigarette. “My wife, Madame Sancercy and I will say nothing of what has just happened – unless, of course, any of you should be foolish enough to attempt communication with us again.”

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