No Kink-Shaming

Just a quick reminder, because it’s been a couple of years since I last had to remind folks about this. If you see something here at Spanking Blog that doesn’t appeal to you, you’re welcome to share that impression in the comments. But your negative comments will not appear or remain if you call the kink practices of others “sick” or engage in any similar judgmentalism. It’s OK to be squicked by other people’s play, but your expression of that squickery must remain polite and leave room for the enjoyment of others. Thanks!

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Brutal Pussy Spanking Movie:

Detention House 2: Collective Punishment Extreme

three girls tied with their legs up for brutal spanking punishment
"...the girls are strapped to the bare military metal beds in an extreme position, with their feet by their heads, spread wide, so their butts, pussies and anuses are fully accessible..."