A Sadistic Client And His Belt

It’s been a little while since I posted erotic spanking fiction here with an unambiguous theme of non-consent. In the past readers have expressed surprise when I did this, even though it’s my considered opinion that the fantasy of non-consent is for many readers an important part of the spanking kink. No matter; if fantasy non-consent squicks you, read ye no further.

Moving on: In Helpless by Dark Dreamer, sexy real estate agent to the stars Stephanie McMichael is showing a mansion to a rich but difficult potential buyer. She’s used to being in complete control at a showing, but the wheels really fall off her bus when they reach the mansion’s fancy gymnasium and she starts to describe the amenities:

“As you can see, there is plenty of room for all manner of exercise equipment. The present owner has a wide assortment here…”

He jerked her to one side, as he walked over to a large punching bag hanging from a hook. It wasn’t one of those small things, but the bigger, full sized, heavy kind, and it hung from a thick round ring set into a two by four that stuck out from the wall.

He reached up with his hand, then let go of her wrist and gripped the big bag. He grunted as he lifted the hook off the ring, then flung the big bag down on the floor to one side.

“Mister Ramierez,” she said worriedly.

“I just need to test the height of the ring bolted up there,” he said.

“Te…test the…I..I have a measuring tape…”

“Not necessary,” he said.

He gripped her arms and jerked her around and under the overhanging two by four, then raised her arms, sliding his hands up to her wrists and pinning them together high above her head.

“Wha…what are…”

“Just about right,” he said, holding her wrists firmly.

She looked up and saw that her hands were perhaps six inches under the thick round ring.

“M…mister Ramierez,” she protested.

“I need to step back to get a better look,” he said.

His eyes flicked up and down, then he smiled. It was not a pleasant smile. Still holding her wrists above her he reached with his free hand to his tie, and quickly undid it.

“Mister…Mister R…Ramierez,” she gulped. “I…I really must…protest…I…”

“Shhh,” he said.

He took off his tie, then pulled her wrists down in front of her. He pressed her hands tightly together, as though she were praying.

“Keep your hands together like that,” he said, his voice low yet somehow compelling, forceful. She stared up at his face as she felt something going around her wrists, then looked down.

She saw him wrap the tie around her wrists once, then tie it. She gasped as he cinched it tight.

“Mister Ramierez!” she gasped.

“I need to see how it looks,” he said.

“Wha…what?!” she gasped.

He wrapped the tie around her wrists again, then a third time, then took the end and pulled it between her wrists, pinching the loops encircling her wrists in tightly.

“No! Please, you…you’ll have to stop this. Untie me!” she said, her voice shaky, cracking brittly.

He ignored her, then raised her wrists up high again, he fed the free end of the tie through the round ring and pulled up hard, making her gasp in pain as the tie pulled in against her wrists, forcing her up almost onto her toes.

“Please! Mr. Ramierez!”

He tied the tie off, then stood back several paces. His eyes were cold, black ice. She stared at him in shock, then looked upwards, pulling against the tie, trying to free her wrists.

“Still something missing,” he growled.

He came closer, stood inches away from her, then his hands went to the front of her silk blouse and he tore it open. She cried out, a short, sharp gasp of shock, then stared at him in fear.

He smiled, a very thin, cruel smile, then reached to her skirt, undid the zipper and buttons, and shoved it, letting it slide down to her ankles.

“Please,” she whimpered.

There follows a lengthy interval during which he busily strips and cuts off all her clothing and rather thoroughly enjoys her helpless nakedness. Then he decides to whip and spank her with his belt:

He put his cock back into his pants, then reached for his belt, unbuckling it, then sliding it out of the loops. He moved around behind her as she started to get her feet on the floor, then doubled the belt in his fist and eyed her smooth, white back.

He raised the belt and slashed it down on her round ass cheeks.

Stephanie felt something hit her ass just as she was shaking off the languorous sexual steam that had been clouding her mind. She felt the blow, then, a second later, a shocking, ripping blast of pain tore through her buttocks.

She screamed, her body lurching forward as she tried to escape the fire behind her. But she couldn’t move far, and the belt lashed down again, cracking against her soft ass cheeks as she shrieked and sobbed in pain.

She twisted around, as if somehow, with her ass out of his way he would have no target for his violence. She saw him standing there, arm raised, the belt dangling from his fist, then he swung it down across her right breast.

The pain shattered her mind and flung her backwards. She lost her footing and her feet jerked and clawed at the floor as the belt cut across her breast again. She twisted around, howling and screaming, only to feel the belt crack against her back.

Again and again the belt lashed down on her back, starting at her shoulders, then working its way down to the small of her back, then over her buttocks. Angry red welts rose all down her back and buttocks as the belt cut through the air again and again.

She stopped screaming as her back flared with burning pain, each new blow drawing barely a grunt from the dazed, glassy eyed woman.

He moved around in front of her, then slashed the belt across her right breast.

She screamed now, a mindless howl of agony as her throbbing breast bounced and shook and burned with pain. Again the belt cracked down, this time against her other breast, then it hit the first, then lashed over her belly.

He took his time, his arm rising and falling, rising and falling, the belt making her tits bounce and jiggle, or cracking into her thighs or stomach. He stopped finally, then put down the belt.

He went to a nearby curtain and cut down the curtain cord, then returned to where the woman hung limply from her wrists. He bent and wrapped the cord around her ankles, then lifted them up off the floor, raised her feet up, and pushed them back against her head. He then tied the cord to the metal ring above her and stood back.

She hung from wrists and ankles now, her legs pulled back against her body and her crotch exposed, her ass cheeks upthrust. He picked up the belt, raised it high, then took aim, and brought it down against her exposed pussy mound with all his weight.

Her head snapped back and she screamed in agony, her ass jerking up as well, and her entire body shaking and thrashing in frenzied desperation. Her eyes went wide and wild and she howled and shrieked as he slashed the belt down on her pussy again, then again, then again.

He had to shift his position as she twisted and jerked, swaying and swinging in circles as the belt whipped against her pussy.

Finally he stopped. He carefully slid the belt back through the loops of his trousers, then unzipped his fly and pulled his once more erect cock out. He rubbed the head up and down against her sweat-damp pussy crack, then pressed it against her anus and slowly forced it inside.

She moaned deliriously as his cock slowly worked its way up into her rectum. She whimpered, tears sliding down her cheeks as his cock jerked back and forth, going deeper and deeper. Then with a grunt he forced the last inch up into her ass cheeks and ground his hips against her ass.

His hands slid beneath her legs and gripped her breasts, squeezing and crushing them as he worked his cock back and forth in her ass. She looked at him through teary, slitted eyes, whimpering as his cock moved back and forth in her asshole.

His hips smashed against her ass, swinging her body back and forth under the two by four as he reamed out her tight tail. He said nothing, nor did he smile. He pumped his cock steadily, using her like she was a machine, jerking off inside her rectum.

He shuddered briefly as he came inside her. Then he pulled his cock out and twisted her around until her head was before him. Her long hair hung down limply, and he grasped it and rubbed it around his cock, cleaning himself off.

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