An Alternation Of Cruelty And Tenderness

On how writing and whipping are similar crafts:

  1. da Prof commented on April 12th, 2015:

    As a writer I would concur, with the footnote that just as there are different styles of bottom-reddening, so there are different modes of getting the words down on paper. My own preference is for forming a clear picture in my mind about how the next bit is going to proceed, then systematically, steadily, and quickly smack away at the keys till the words spill out on the page. When the paragraph is done, there may be places that want a bit of revision — touchup of missing color — and that’s when I “bat cleanup” so that the entirety is consistent, shows its force, and satisfactory to me and my recipient.

    I am sure there are “hunt-and-peck” spankers, just as there are writers who agonize over just the right word. My feeling is that there is nothing we can lay down on a smooth, inviting surface that can’t be corrected later; indeed, constant correction is the essence til we are ready to say to our handiwork, “OK, you’re free to go show yourself to the world.”

    The other thing I have found during a lifetime of spanking and writing is that both contain a generous element of exhibitionism. For want of an audience one might simply write a diary, just one might spank oneself in front of a mirror; but neither is anywhere near as gratifying as the certainty that one’s efforts are exposed to a broader view.

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