Hiding From Pain In Her Pillow Fort

You might reasonably wonder: Why has Rain DeGrey hidden herself in the crack behind the Paintoy dungeon bed, and then buried her head in a pillow fort of her own creation?

Rain DeGrey hiding in her pillow fort

The answer is that Alebeard is chasing her with a leather slapper, and he’s after her tits and pussy like they were his very own lucky charms:

Alebeard has found Rain in her blanket fort and is about to resume whipping her pussy and breasts with his brutal leather paddle

He’s been after them for quite awhile, too, meaning she’s extremely sore and tender. But she cannot escape him. He is utterly implacable:

Rain DeGrey trying to hide her sore and tender tits and cunt from Alebeard's  ruthless leather slapper

Alebeard at Paintoy: making pretty girls cry since, well, forever.

Rain DeGrey crying in tears at Pain Toy

All pictures are from a recent Paintoy movie.

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