Spanking Turns Her On

There’s a nice little essay on spanking by Rachel Kramer Bussel in the Philadelphia Citypaper today. This is just a taste:

The fastest way to turn me on is to spank me. I don’t know why I have such a Pavlovian response to a hand crashing down hard on my butt, but it’s one of my favorite sexual activities ever.

It’s not like this is for everyone, but for me, just getting on my hands and knees — my usual position to be spanked — is enough to excite me. Anticipating the first smack reminds me that even if I think I know what’s coming, I never really do.

Giving a spanking can make you feel wicked and powerful, especially when it leaves the spankee drooling and docile. It’s free and can be done pretty much anywhere, with no need to plan ahead (though you may be overheard, which can be part of the fun). There are endless variations: over underwear or bare-skinned, with a vibrator against your genitals, in positions such as over-the-knee, bent over a bed or leaning against the wall.

I also like that spanking can be light and playful, or immensely serious. I’ve giggled and trembled and even cried welcome tears as a result. Depending on how hard you do it, you can make sure they remember the spanking for days to come.

There’s really not a word in the whole thing to disagree with. An excellent piece of erotic-spanking propaganda!

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