Admonitions To Bears

I’m sure I’m not the only man here who’s had to establish a rigid “no stuffed animals in the bed” rule in order to avoid being crowded out. Some women really like their plush friends, what can I say? And, they talk to them…

Case in point: Alex, Pandora, and stuffed dog Fred, aka “Drop Dog”. Alex was about to get (some more) spanking from Pandora, when:

Once I was thoroughly warm, she directed me up onto her sofa for a whacking with a fairly big, leather paddle. I cuddled up to her stuffed dog, Fred, who is known as “Drop Dog” due to his ability to drop onto your head. “Comfort her well, Drop Dog!” Pandora instructed, “she’s going to need it!”

Who else thinks Pandora may have the most well-instructed stuffed animals in all of Great Britain?

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  1. Alex Reynolds commented on May 10th, 2013:

    Our stuffed animals also got spanked a lot during that week. Very well instructed and disciplined plush friends. :)

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