Spanking: Positive And Negative Reinforcement

Can spanking be both positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement at the same time?

I wouldn’t have thought so. But Dom With A Pen makes a serious argument:

The act of spanking has two components, one psychological and one physical. A girl might hate the pain and discomfort of the actual physical blows, while at the same time she is completely turned on and fulfilled by being controlled. She loathes the pain, but she’s deeply aroused by the domination.

This makes spanking an effective behavior modification technique on two levels:

  1. As punishment: The submissive associates the pain of spanking with her own bad behavior, and therefore alters her behavior to avoid experiencing the pain again.
  2. As positive reinforcement: The submissive simultaneously experiences sexual arousal and satisfaction, which she now associates with submission; she increases her submissive behavior in order to experience more of that pleasure and satisfaction.

I’ve seen this at work in my own relationship; for a few days following this kind of punishment, girl is extra submissive and attentive to the rules.

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