Spanking Vanessa Del Rio

If you’re old enough to remember the porn of the 1970s and 1980s, it’s unlikely you don’t have a fond memory of Vanessa Del Rio — a fearless and prolific (and incredibly sexy) black porn actress who made a great many movies. Some of them were BDSM, and most of them were hotter than the general run of porn from that era.

These stills (and I do apologize for the very low quality) feature a spanking scene in which she’s being spanked into submission by a woman who wants lesbian sex from her. She’s already having a hard day — the scenario has her as a hitchhiker who got picked up by the wrong people and sexually used against her will — and she struggles very convincingly before giving in:

Vanessa Del Rio about to be spanked

Vanessa del Rio struggles to avoid a lesbian spanking on a dirty mattress

Vanessa del Rio spanked with a leather strap

spanking Vaness Del Rio with a leather paddle

The movie is Appointment With Agony (1976).

  1. Pamela commented on October 15th, 2013:

    Black actress? I thinkt Queen V is Latina!

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