A Breast Caning

“Shall we say five more today?” Joan suggested. Mills nodded.

He pulled the cane back again, aiming once more at her superb breasts. An expectant silence fell.

“One!” he said.




The cane came down onto the breasts once more, and Annie’s shout almost drowned the guests’ reaction. There were sudden gasps, and one or two moans of deep, male pleasure as the cane came down onto the firm breasts, marking them…

Mills ran his fingers over both breasts, feeling the red welts… He lifted them both and stroked the soft, white flesh below the nipples, selecting his spot.

“Arch your back,” he said. “Present your breasts.”

If she refused, it would be considered an act of disobedience, a punishable act. She lifted her breasts even higher, exposing the soft, white flesh on the underside to the cruel cane. She took a deep breath and waited. She screwed up her eyes in anticipation of the stinging blow…

From the Dofantasy publication Pony Tail Farm by Takamura.

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before and after brutal caning photo
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