Chelsea Handler Spanked

Do you ever watch the TV show Chelsea Lately? Me, not so much … I find the lady a bit too forced, laughing all the time for reasons I cannot discern. But this, I’m laughing about. Apparently a show security guard falsely claimed to be the brother of a celebrity she wanted on the show, so she let him get rather familiar with ball gag and paddle and a pants-down display of panties, in hopes it would help her get the interview:

chelsea from chelsea lately gagged and spanked under false pretenses

Cee-Lo Green visited ‘Chelsea Lately’ Wednesday night, and Chelsea told him about a former security guard for the show who impersonated his brother.

“I believed him, so then I took this photo with him,” she said. The photo shows Chelsea gagged and bent over a desk, pants down, as the guard prepares to swat her with a paddle.

“I like to let black men slap me on the ass when they come on the show,” she joked. “I thought I was being nice to him and it would maybe help me get you on the show.”

Cee-Lo set her straight. “That’s not my brother,” he said. “Never settle for second best.”

Thanks to an alert reader for the link.

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