Whipped By A Masked Psycho

I’ll admit it, I got drawn into another dark and chilling BDSM tale from Dofantasy. This one is called Psycho, by Fernando, and stars a lovely young lady who stops at the wrong small-town motel. It turns out to be run by, yes, a crazy dude wearing a gimp hood who has a whip and some seriously confused ideas about sexual morality in the 21st century:

dude in a gimp hood menaces captive girl

the whipping of the sinner

lecturing and whipping the helpless kidnapped captive

whipping her ass for her imaginary sins

psycho rips off her panties to explore her sexuality that he has hitherto been deploring so emphatically

This is just a tiny sample of the crazed ass-whupping goodness to be found in Psycho; I’ll almost certainly be publishing more samples in the future.

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  1. Friday Bondage Links Cornucopia #12 – Bondage Blog commented on December 24th, 2010:

    […] Ironclad rule of living: It’s always bad news when the proprietor of your isolated country motel turns up in your room wearing a gimp mask and carrying a whip and handcuffs. […]

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