Spanking The Talent: Linda Darnell

Anything for art, right?

According to a biography of actress Linda Darnell, she once got a spanking from director Douglas Sirk while filming the movie Summer Storm:

One particularly bad day, the director had shot sixteen takes of an important scene in a greenhouse. Linda grew tired, embarrassed, and was almost in tears. Finally Sirk ordered, “Everybody take a breather.”

Putting his arm around Linda’s shoulder, he said, “Now I want you to relax.”

Suddenly he yanked her across his knee and and spanked her hard. “Now go out there and do the scene right,” he snapped.

The spanking so shocked and infuriated her that she went back on set and made the scene one of the best in the picture.

“After that, Sirk and I got along better than ever” she said.

Found on the Chross forums.

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