Bare-Bottomed Caning…

…for Catholic schoolgirls in Japan?

brutal nun prepares to cane two catholic schoolgirls on the bare in Japan

A vicious prune-faced nun. (Well, she looks mean, what you can see of her after the spurious privacy box got stamped over her face.) Two bare-bottomed schoolgirls standing on a bench in the moist outdoor air, waiting for their punishment with asses high in the air. More girls, standing by to witness the scene, possibly waiting their turn.

What’s not to like?

I don’t have much source on this picture. If you click through there’s a defunct Japanese URL on the larger version. It came to me via Usenet so not much help there.

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  1. RC commented on September 23rd, 2010:

    For now, the one on the right is positioned only for the humiliation of her display. Since the nun is right-handed, this student will probably exchange places with her friend when its her turn.

    It’s no accident that her friend goes first. The nun knows that besides crying and screaming, the student on the left will dance a bit between strokes, trying to shake off the sting. So her high heels will tap against the wood underneath, in a sort of Japanese version of the flamenco. The sounds can only heighten the dread of the one waiting, and such agonizing anticipation just makes her tender butt cheeks all the more sensitive.

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