Cane, Or Fingers?

Dilemmas are always fun. This one is from a caning story called Another Of Mr Morgan’s Funny Ideas, originally appearing in Roue 13 but found here:

“Come along my girl -” The fingertip coaxed the panting girl back into position, and slid down under the swell of her mound.

“Oooo – ooooh -”

Another stroke, not too hard.

“Come on Violet – there’s a good girl.”

Swhit – swhit – swhit.

Violet’s bum swerved away, the fingers edged her back again. The cane stung once more. Violet squirmed and gasped and snatched forward away from the cane – onto the fingers. She pulled away from the intrusion – her bum thrust itself backwards.


She jolted forward again.

“Oooo – oooo – s-sir – I”

“That’s a good girl -”

Violet wriggled back, bottom pleading for another one. Whack!

“Ooow! Ooooh -”

Slowly she learned. If she squirmed back away from the fingers her bum couldn’t help but thrust itself out – for the cane. The more she stuck it out, the harder it got caned. The thing was not to stick it out. If she resisted the urge to slide backwards away from the fingers – well, she still got caned. But not so hard. Enough to make her wriggle. To squirm a bit. Slowly she caught on to that too. The cane flicked – not too hard. Violet wriggled. The cane hovered. Violet stopped squirming. Swhitt! Another stroke.

Violet wriggled quite a lot!

A few tears were inevitable. The eventual outcome was inevitable. Buckling at the knees, hips snatching back and forth as her toasted bum got another half-dozen swishes for good measure, Violet shuddered to the peak of her very first orgasm at the instigation of a man.

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